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Unlike the smoking of recreational cannabis, edibles give users a chance to wait for that high that comes minutes after, once it gets into the bloodstream. So, the high will gradually start low with a slow descent until the user begins to feel oozy. If you are new to cannabis edibles, it is best to chew off less rather than consume too. In the case where you bite off too much, you may experience such an unhappy high. The opposite is true if you consume little because you won't feel a thing. However, for people that want that faster high, you don't have to wait too long as there are ways that cannabis edibles can get into the bloodstream faster. If you have a medical condition for example, and need fast relieve, you may need a faster reaction after consuming cannabis edibles. Let's explore.

Cannabis Tinctures

For CBD to get into your bloodstream, traditional cannabis edibles with THC attached to fat in the form of cannabutter is the solution. Remember that most humans have a long gastrointestinal tract and the cannabis edibles have to go through the stomach, then the intestines and then the liver until it is absorbed. The edibles have to contend with bile and acids as it travels to the bloodstream.  For that reason, you can use cannabis tinctures that can be taken by mouth (under the tongue) and it is more ingestible and absorbs quicker. Tinctures are part of the cannabis edibles product inventory. Take a few drops of tincture under the tongue and hold it for up to five minutes. One thing to note, though, is that the effect of the tincture is not as lasting as the cannabis edibles.

Infused Drinks

Many people overlook cannabis-infused drinks and are becoming popular in the cannabis edibles market. Some of the beverages that are infused with marijuana include coffee, lemonade, juices, teas, sodas, tonics and even elixirs. If you can drink it, you will find many forms of cannabis-infused drinks on the marijuana dispensary shelves. These infused drinks will get into your bloodstream faster than a brownie or cookie can. When cannabinoids are put into any form of liquid, they are easily absorbed as they pass through the digestive system. You will experience a faster high than you would if you were to eat a small cookie.

Solid Cannabis Edibles

Specially made chocolate is an example of solid cannabis edibles. A cannabis product creator in Colorado has one of those special chocolates that deliver a quicker high. The chocolate goes through a process known as lipid microencapsulation. This means that the THC bypasses the stomach and goes directly into the small intestine much faster, allowing for a higher level of THC to reach the bloodstream. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to take effect once it is consumed. The owner of this company is Peter Barsoom and he has perfected the art of faster acting products that gives the user the benefits required. For example, he named his products:


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  • Midnight – to give sleep to the user
  • Go – to give energy to users
  • Pause- to relax the user
  • High Love – to make the user feel more lustful

The product has a balance level of CBD and THC, featuring a wide selection of extra botanicals to improve the chocolate's sensation.

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Increased Metabolism

Another way that cannabis edibles can get into the bloodstream is by increasing your metabolism. With a higher metabolism, all infused products are easily broken down in the digestive tract, delivering cannabinoids much faster into the bloodstream. To increase your metabolism, you should eat more proteins, exercise, drink more water and get plenty of sleep. If you want to know more about cannabis edibles go to the Cannabis Training University.