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You may have encountered marijuana flowers that are subpar, whether you reside in a state that has been approved for legal consumption and possession of weed. However, there is good news. You can avoid all of this, if you know exactly what you are looking for. There is no alternative for the smoke test, if you want a perfect blunt or well rolled joint. However, if you visually inspected your marijuana buds in a careful manner, you will have a good idea of the kind of marijuana strain you are dealing with and the condition or environment in which it was grown. But, you have to be experienced to know some of these things.

And that is why you need us to give you the heads up. Once you get the gist of what you are looking for, then you will always have some of the best in marijuana quality. Let's touch on what will be important as it relates to marijuana quality.

The Aroma

When you want to assess marijuana quality, you have to first check out the aroma or smell of the buds. In the best scenario, the marijuana buds have to be pungent and the smell has to be identifiable. This will indicate a high level of terpene content. In an alternative scenario, when the buds are inferior in quality, it means that the terpene content is low and there is a lack of aroma. In fact, the marijuana buds will have an aroma like hay or poorly cured and grown weed. You can refer to the rich smell of chocolate or coffee as the aroma of the indica strain. You can refer to sharp citrusy smell as that of sativa strains. Try to avoid aromas that have reminded you of hay.

The Color

Marijuana quality as it relates to bud or flowers should be green in color. The shade, however, ranges from light green to dark green. The most important issue is whether or not the marijuana bud appears to have come from a healthy plant. Some buds are of high quality, even when they are pink, purple or blue in color such as Purple Kush. If most of your marijuana buds are yellow, brown or tan in color, you can expect to label them of poor marijuana quality and unhealthy. If you notice a light burn on your marijuana bud, it might mean that it was grown in unfavorable conditions where the plant was probably subjected to a high level of light intensity. You should avoid such type of marijuana quality. Stick to green and accented colors.

The Structure of the Bud

The structure of the bud is another prerequisite for marijuana quality and this should be included in the assessment process. Generally, indica buds should have a dense and tight appearance. Sativa buds should be fluffy and light. When you carelessly grow your marijuana buds, the indica buds could take on the appearance of sativa buds. Bet you didn't know that? The stems would then be visible and the buds would appear open and incomplete. On the other hand, hybrid strains should have the structural and combined characteristics of sativa and indica strains. Sativa buds have more pistils than you would find on indica buds. Use this as a reference.


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After your cannabis buds have been harvested, be sure to have them trimmed of extra leaves surrounding your marijuana buds. For buds to be of the highest quality, these must be hand trimmed and not trimmed using a machine. The buds will be mangled, if trimmed by a machine and the fragile trichomes would be disrupted.

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