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4 Proven Sales Promotions to Make More Money on 4/20. Cannabis on a stack of money.

4 Proven Sales Promotions to Make More Green on 4/20

These days, April 20th is more than just a fun day to hang out and enjoy cannabis culture – it’s serious business, and anyone looking to get in on the profits needs to know how to reach the right customers.

For dispensaries, 4/20 is the prime time of the year for everything from sales to visibility. Just getting your name out there is still step one, and after that it’s a matter of making sure folks remember your brand even after they’ve been out celebrating on the big day.

Here’s a look at four of the most effective tried-and-true sales promotions you can use to make your dispensary bring in more green than it gives out this 4/20.

Apparel Giveaways

Everybody loves a free t-shirt. For dispensaries and cannabis shops, this is an excellent avenue for reaching customers and sticking with them for the duration of their 4/20 celebration. Why pay for advertising on a billboard when you’ve got customers willing to wear your logo around town for free?

Plus, it doesn’t have to just be a t-shirt – your apparel giveaway could stretch to anything, from hats to mugs to sunglasses and more. Here’s a thought: try giving out branded socks and seeing who walks in wearing them the next week. You’ll be happy to see your brand being brought all around town when folks are most likely to be looking for you.


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Branded Papers, Lighters, Grinders

If you’re going to be giving out branded swag, why not make it something useful – especially if it’s something you’ll be using during the celebrations? Branded rolling papers, lighters, and grinders are all great ways of communicating that you know what customers need to enjoy your product and you’re not afraid to make it easy for them. Plus, having your logo present when the main celebration is actually taking place is always a good callout to where the best bud in town comes from – your shop.

Visit The Fields

Having your own grow space attached or within a short distance from your dispensary isn’t just handy from a sales perspective – it also makes for a great field trip. This 4/20, consider giving away a tour of your grow fields (if you’ve got any) and let those who normally only see the end result connect with the plant process from the ground up. Not only will this be an amazing experience for a lucky customer who’s sure to tell all his or her friends about it, but it’s also a good way to really pass that knowledge on and position yourself as a leader in cannabis culture in your area.

Bud Tour

The best chefs don’t just slap together a menu and hope you pick the right things off a list, they create a carefully-cultivated experience and guide you through each mouth-watering moment. Why not offer cannabis connoisseurs the same experience?

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A “Best Bud” tour-de-force is a fun and exciting way to have a lucky customer receive the once-in-a-lifetime pampering they’ve been dreaming of. Set out six or seven different strains to try in a specific order – maybe from more mellow to more exciting, or more mild to more intense – to make for one session that’s bound to be remembered, no matter how much else may be forgotten.

Don’t Let 4/20 Pass Your Business By

There’s no better time for your business to be on the ball – and no worse time to let the opportunity pass by – than April 20. This year, take on the celebrations with a plan that’s sure to bring in profits. Get 4/20 ready and get prepared for the “Green Rush” – this year may just be a big one.

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