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If you are interested in working in the legal cannabis industry and have your sights set on a high-salary position, you are in luck. Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, which is projected to reach $70.6 billion by 2028.

While the recreational marijuana market has a slightly larger revenue share, the medical marijuana industry continues to grow at a consistent rate as states continue to legalize medical cannabis use for qualified patients.

While cannabis salaries vary by region, job candidate experience, and company, there are a few cannabis industry jobs that pay a high salary no matter where you work. Here are a few dream job options in this booming industry.

Starting From the Bottom: Entry-Level Medical Cannabis Jobs

Many cannabis industry job seekers do not have the right experience, education, or skills to be considered for a high salary industry job. However, they can pursue various entry-level jobs. Entry-level marijuana job openings include budtenders, trimmers, packagers, kitchen assistants, delivery drivers, and much more.

For instance, retail workers outside of the industry can use their skills and experience to apply to work at a medical cannabis dispensary and work their way up to become a lead budtender, supervisor, assistant manager, and eventually dispensary manager. Or, they could pursue different industry segments such as cultivation, manufacturing, and marketing.

1. Marijuana Sales Representative

Medical cannabis sales representatives are responsible for acquiring new clients in a specific region, whether by cold calling or meeting in person. Sales representatives must be friendly, outgoing, and have a can-do attitude to develop relationships with potential buyers who want to carry their medical marijuana products in their medical marijuana dispensaries.

Salary: $60k+/year

2. Cannabis Business Consultant

A medical cannabis consultant helps cannabis businesses at any stage in their growth to scale their business, especially startups. Consultants have extensive experience building other companies and navigating the evolving industry landscape. Cannabis consultants get paid high salaries for their guidance on remaining competitive in the marijuana industry.

Salary: $70-$100k/year

3. Master Grower

A master grower, also known as a head grower, oversees the entire cultivation facility and process, from hiring and training employees to ensure the plants get the right amount of nutrients, light, and water. Master growers must have extensive knowledge about every aspect of the cultivation and harvesting process, including troubleshooting garden problems.

Salary: $80-$150k/year

4. Dispensary Manager

Medical marijuana dispensary managers operate a medical retail facility, hire and train employees, handle customer complaints, manage payroll, and increase sales revenue. Above all, dispensary managers must have strong leadership skills and create a positive environment for customers and dispensary staff.

Salary: $60-$150k/year

5. Master Extractor

Master extractors operate an entire extraction facility, whether it be a solvent-based or solventless extraction, to produce concentrates and derivative products. They must understand every aspect of the production cycle, from preparing the medical marijuana biomass for extraction to purging the solvent from the crude extract.

Salary: $60-$180k/year

6. Cannabis Edibles Chef

Your favorite weed gummies, cannabis-infused chocolate, and other edible treats were formulated and produced by an edibles chef. Edibles chefs must create new edible products with a consistent and state-compliant THC and/or CBD dose. Edible chefs must have previous experience running a commercial kitchen.

Salary: $40-$90k/year

7. Cannabis Compliance Manager

Compliance managers are essential workers in marijuana companies. They are expected to remain up-to-date with the latest state and local regulations to ensure the business operations are compliant. They must also oversee the state tracking system to ensure the operational data is collected and accurate.

Salary: $60-$150k/year

C-Suite Executives Make Big Salary Gains

Of course, C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.) will make the highest salaries in a cannabis company. Executives saw significant salary gains, despite the pandemic. Salary data from CannabizTeam, found that C-suite executives saw double-digit salary gains in 2021 compared to the previous year.

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In 2021, cannabis CEO salaries increased to a median of $350,300 in 2021, an 11% increase from 2020. CFO salaries increased by 10% to a median of $348,500 in 2021. A COO salary increased 10% to $153,950. In comparison, budtender salaries increased 6% to $39,250 and trimmer salaries rose by 5% to $34,000.

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