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You should never forget that when you consume decarboxylated cannabis products, you will have a stronger impact than you would if you were to smoke a joint using the same amount of material. Why is this so? Well, it is due to the reaction of the THC when it is processed through the liver. In other words, cannabis edibles take about an hour or less to get through the bloodstream to the kidney and out. The product has to be digested first before it is absorbed through the process and the effect is delayed, especially, if your stomach is full. So, before you go eating more cannabis edibles because you are not feeling the effect right away, it is best to wait a little longer.

The Novice

If you are a novice at this, make sure you take lower doses or eat smaller portions until you get accustomed to the THC effect. In the state of Colorado, the marijuana-infused products are lab tested before going on the marijuana dispensary shelves. Read the labels to see how much THC level is contained in each cannabis products. That will give you an idea of how much you need to consume. You also have to know your tolerance level because everyone has a different one. If you have no way to test the THC level while you are making cannabis edibles at home, be sure to consume less of the product. One thing to note as well, never buy cannabis edibles off the black market.

Try Relaxing

If you consume too much of the cannabis edibles, there are things you can do. Turn off the lights in your bedroom or living room and lie down on the bed or couch. Try to get as comfortable as possible and then relax. Make sure that your mind doesn't go off into the past or you might start to hallucinate. Be as present as possible. The feeling will not last for more than half an hour to an hour. Put on some soothing music, if that will relax you more. Watch a good movie. Call someone on the phone and talk with them about your feelings. Make sure you remain hydrated and eat foods that contain no marijuana because this might offset the cannabis edibles that are passing through your digestive system and any residue that still remain in the stomach.

Heightened Anxiety

When you consume too much cannabis edibles, it can heighten your anxiety. That is when you experience much of your hallucinations. And that is why, it is important to relax and keep your body in a still position, allowing the edibles to pass through your body and have its effect as you experience the high and approach the low.

CBD and THC Levels

If you are preparing your own cannabis edibles, be careful of the dosage. It would be best to start with marijuana strains that have a higher level of CBD and lower levels of THC. And even when you have a lower level of THC, you should still only consume smaller portions at a time. It is your personal responsibility to know what is best for you. If you purchase cannabis edibles from a marijuana dispensary, then you should read the label to see how much THC is contained in the product. And the same is true in that case – consuming as little as possible at a time.

Final Thoughts on How to Handle Overconsumption of Cannabis Edibles

It is unfortunate that some people might get greedy and eat much more of the cannabis edibles than is recommended. But, there are people who do this.

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