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Here’s the only 9lb Hammer strain review you’ll ever need. Whether you intend to use or grow 9lb Hammer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its robust and long-lasting effects, its fruity aroma, and high yield.

What is the 9lb Hammer Strain?

9lb hammer strain review

Many people wonder, “is 9lb hammer indica or sativa?” 9lb Hammer, also written as 9 Pound Hammer or Nine Pound Hammer strain, is a nearly pure indica strain that delivers heavy intoxicating effects. Nine Pound Hammer can help you relax and experience significant stress relief.

With THC levels between 16 and 21 percent, the 9 Pound Hammer strain sits on the higher end of the potency spectrum, perfect for high-tolerance users or those who want a small dose that packs a big punch.

Experience a full-body high, hard-hitting cerebral effects, and a spark of creativity and euphoria when you consume Nine Pound Hammer. The 9lb hammer strain will impress you with its large, dense, and colorful buds illuminated with purple hues and orange pistils.

Average THC level: 19 percent

Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene

Awards: 1st Place in the indica category – 2014 Santa Cruz Cup

9lb Hammer Genetics

Hailing from the breeding headquarters of Jinxproof Genetics, 9lb Hammer is a cross between Gooberry and Jesus OG Kush (Hells OG x Jack the Ripper). Family-owned and operated Jinxproof is recognized around the world as a dependable business that is committed to giving back to the community.

Gooberry characteristics are the most notable in 9 Pound Hammer phenotypes. Gooberry is an indica-dominant marijuana strain that produces a sticky resin and hard-hitting effects. 9 Pound Hammer produces a similar resin production from the start of its flowering period.

Jesus OG, also known as Jesus Christ OG, is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces towering plants and strong yields. Jesus OG’s classic Kush and lemony aroma can also be found in 9 Pound Hammer phenotypes.

Strains featuring 9 Pound Hammer genetics include:

Safety Meeting: 9lb Hammer x Electric Watermelon

Shangri-La: 9lb Hammer x Fudo Myo-o

Triple 9: 9lb Hammer x Cinderella 99

The Blacksmith: 9lb Hammer x Blackberry Kush

Black Abyss: 9lb Hammer x Blackjack

The Sledge: 9lb Hammer x The Cube

IronSmith OG: 9lb Hammer x HellFire

Bloody Hammer: 9lb Hammer x HitGirl

Tom’s Plushhammer: 9lb Hammer x Plushberry (Pink Lady phenotype)

Pound Pie: 9lb Hammer x Jawa Pie

Frost Hammer: 9lb Hammer x Frost Giant

9lb Hammer Strain Aroma

Unlike grape-flavored products that fail to mimic the genuine grape flavor, 9lb Hammer strikes a fine balance between sweet grape flavors and a hint of lime. You’ll immediately notice a sweet melon aroma and flavor blend with the grape and lime notes.

9lb Hammer’s complex aroma includes skunky and diesel scents that provide the perfect counterbalance to the more sweet-smelling, fruity, and berry aromas.

9lb Hammer’s most common terpenes include the following:

Myrcene can be found in most cannabis strains and is thought to promote relaxing effects, which is why you’ll feel ready for a nap if you consume a high dose of 9lb Hammer. Myrcene can be found in OG Kush, Grape Ape, and Tangie strains, to name a few.

Pinene’s pine aroma provides you with a calming scent that’ll remind you of a placid woodland setting. Pinene is believed to help with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Pinene is present in many strains including Jack Herer, Strawberry Cough, and Bubba Kush.

Caryophyllene adds a bit of spice into the mix. Known for its anti-inflammatory effects, caryophyllene can be found in higher-than-average amounts in Sour Diesel, Chemdog, and Cookies and Cream strains.

9lb Hammer Strain Effects

9lb Hammer’s name hints at its powerful effects that can hit you like a hard-swung and indestructible hammer (in a good way). 9lb’s intoxicating and sedative effects can make you feel glued to the ground and relaxed. It’s the perfect strain to unwind.

9lb Hammer can induce creativity while promoting focus and concentration for a variety of tasks. Use it during the afternoon or evening as a way to relax after work or as a treat for you and your friends. Just make sure to keep the munchies and water on hand.

Feelings: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, Hungry

Medical uses: Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression

9 Pound Hammer Products: Flower, Cartridge, Pre-Roll, Live Resin, Wax, Shatter,

Growing 9lb Hammer Weed Strain

9 Pound Hammer is relatively easy to grow and produces a heavy yield under the right conditions. 9lb Hammer is only available as a regular cannabis seed. There are no feminized seeds available meaning you’ll have to monitor your grow for male plants and quickly remove them.

Keep a close eye on your 9 Pound Hammer plant because this indica hybrid marijuana strain grows short and fast.

Flowering Period: 50 to 60 days

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Yield: 3-6 ounces per square foot

9 Pound Hammer thrives indoors and outdoors. It prefers warm, sunny, and semi-humid climates. Ideal temperatures for 9 Pound Hammer are between 72º and 80º F. Its hardy characteristics make it resistant to most molds and diseases.

9 Pound Hammer grows short and bushy with a vigorous branch growth on its sides. Growers are advised to trim away broad fan leaves that block lower branches.

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