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The Chem Scout strain review is necessary due to its growing popularity in the San Francisco Bay area and nationwide. The parents of this strain are more famous than Chem Scout. Chem Scout did win first at the 2014 Cannabis Cup in San Francisco.

Chem Scout is just one of many strains that have been bred for taste and potency. The cannabis community tends to love fruity tasting strains which has led to a number being bred in the last few years.

Below will delve into all you need to know about Chem Scout.

Chem Scout Strain Genetics

Is  Chem Scout strain an indica or sativa?

Chem Scout is a 50/50 hybrid of Chemdawg ‘91 and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain results in an Indica lineage that is deeper than either parent. This strain can be perfect for the end of the day to unwind and potentially assist with falling asleep

Girl Scout Cookies could be the most famous strain created in the last decade. The effects are enjoyed by all and the taste is quite sweet. The high lasts for quite a long time so clear out your schedule if you do not smoke cannabis very often as this is a potent strain.

Chemdawg 91’ has been around for 30 years and has withstood the test of time. This is an extremely potent strain  Enjoy this strain with friends as you will feel a wave of creativity and sociability. Chemdawg is a favorite for regular consumers of cannabis that enjoy the occasional wake and bake.

If you want to purchase seeds, it is important to make sure you purchase from a reliable online seed bank. Those that want to grow Chem Scout can acquire seeds from Loud Seeds. Loud Seeds is located in Sonoma, California which has some of the best climate for growing marijuana.

If you are looking for similar strains, take a look at one of the many Chemdawg or Girl Scout Cookies hybrids. Both of these strains will continue to be staples in the cannabis industry.

Chem Scout Strain Yield

Chem Scout, much like a majority of other cannabis strains can be grown outdoors and indoors. The plants should be ready for harvest at some point in October.

Expect around 1.5 to 2 ounces per square foot outdoors. You can expect indoor grows to produce around 1 to 1.5 ounces per square foot.

Education on how to maximize yields and improve bud density is available online. CTU offers online medical marijuana classes that can lead to your best crop ever in terms of yield and potency.

Chem Scout Strain Flowering

The flowering time for Chem Scout is 7 to 9 weeks. Crops will be ready to harvest in mid-October.

The buds have a great appearance with orange hairs being prevalent. There could be a hue of orange and the trichomes are covering the entire bud. There is no question about whether this strain will pack a punch even for veteran marijuana consumers.

Chem Scout Strain THC Percentage

Chem Scout has a relatively wide range of THC content between 20 and 28 percent. This is a larger range than other strains although no crop of this strain will be considered low in potency. For smokers looking to graduate to higher THC strains, this could be a perfect stepping stone.

The CBD content is low so this might not be the best for medical marijuana patients. This doesn’t mean that a consumer cannot find relief with Chem Scout.

Looking into similar strains with higher CBD levels and lower THC content can be perfect for a new cannabis enthusiast.

Flavor and Aroma

The flavor of Chem Scout will be a mixture of chemical, citrus, and sweet. A smoker can expect very similar flavors upon the exhale. Some consumers noted that this strain tastes exactly like candy leading to mouth-watering after consumption.

The smell of this strain, when smoked, will be that of cookies which most consumers absolutely love. If you are feeling a bit down, this is the perfect strain to put yourself into a better headspace.

Limonene is present and gives off a citrus smell/flavor. This has also been associated with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Myrcene has an earthy taste while being great for those that might struggle to fall asleep. Humulene help promote a peaceful mind.

Blueberry Kush and Mars OG will have similar flavors while being less potent than Chem Scout.

Medical Conditions This Marijuana Strain Can Help

Cannabis has been found to treat a wide array of medical conditions. Chem Scout can be enlisted by a consumer to address the following medical issues:

  • ADD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Hypertension
  • Inflammation
  • PTSD
  • Nausea

While Chem Scout is low in CBD, this doesn’t mean that CBD cannot be supplemented daily. THC and CBD work together like all cannabinoids to help the consumer maintain homeostasis within certain systems of the body.

Chem Scout Strain Price

Chem Scout price on average is $10-$15 per gram, $45-55 per 1/8th ounce, $90-$110 per 1/4 ounce, and $190-$210 per 1/2 ounce.

Final Words On The Chem Scout Weed Strain

Chem Scout is definitely a strain that you have to try when you find it available. If you enjoy it, finding seeds that are feminized is extremely important. The last thing a new grower wants is a crop to be destroyed due to a male plant growing amongst the females.

The lineage of this strain makes it easy to grow for a grower of any experience level. Taking an online marijuana growing course can be immensely helpful. There are also online communities on Reddit that can help guide you through your grow.

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