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The Dosi Cake strain comes from two newer strains that have taken the marijuana industry by storm. Seed breeders seem to constantly be coming up with quality strains with the availability of various genetics. Certain companies keep their strain lineage a secret as they want to be the only cultivator to produce it. 

The Dosi Cake marijuana strain is extremely potent even for experienced smokers. Keep this in mind when consuming it as you want to avoid getting too high. Below will help highlight what you need to know about this strain and whether it is for you. 

Genetics Of The Dosi Cake Strain

Is Dosi Cake strain an Indica or Sativa?

Dosi Cake is a 65/35 Indica-dominant hybrid of the famous Wedding Cake and Do-Si-Dos strains. Dealing with a stressful day can be done with this strain as it allows your body to relax as your mind flies into a pleasant high. If you are extremely tired, this strain is perfect to help you to drift off to sleep. 

Do-Si-Dos is one of the strongest strains out there at up to 30 percent THC. The strain has a flavor of nuts and citrus. Expect a very stoney experience as this high settles in after a few minutes. 

Wedding Cake strain can help calm the nerves of an individual or even sedate them to a point. The strain has up to 27 percent THC with a sweet fruit flavor. You will be able to focus with this strain so it can be good to sit back and get some work done on the computer. 

Dosi Cake Weed Strain Yield 

close up of cannabis buds isolated on white, dosi cake strain

Dosi Cake will be able to be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Indoors you can expect around an ounce per square foot. Outdoors you can expect 10 ounces at the most with this strain. 

The grow is all going to depend on the seeds that you purchase. Quality seeds can help ensure that a strain is as potent as it claims to be. Only trust vendors that can prove lineage and have a reputable name in the cannabis industry. 

Flowering Period Of The Dosi Cake Pot Strain

The flowering period of Dosi Cake is 7 to 9 weeks. The appearance of this strain is dark green nugs that are quite fluffy. The hairs are bright orange and the strain has a covering of trichomes that has a red hue. 

Growing indoors for the first time means that you will be able to control various aspects of the growing environment. Stocking a grow tent with the same strains or those that thrive under similar conditions provides convenience. Take the time to do the research to make your first grow as easy as possible. 

THC Content Dosi Cake Marijuana

Dosi Cake has a range of THC between 20 and 28 percent. Couch-lock is common so keep everything you need within reach as you will be heavily sedated. Expect pain to leave your body which is why this is a great medical strain for some. 

Flavor And Aroma Of The Dosi Cake Weed Strain

The flavor is going to be a combination of diesel, fruit, and herbs. The aroma is of berry and diesel. The terpenes that dominate Dosi Cake are Humulene, Pulegone, and Carene. 

Humulene being present in strains has been linked with relaxing the mind and body. Expect a spicy flavor while the aroma is a bit earthy. Strains with this terpene are Blue Dream and Watermelon. 

Pulegone has the aroma of menthol and a flavor to match. This terpene is known to reduce pain in those that supplement it. Lemon Thai and Motorhead are both two potent strains with this rare terpene. 

Carene is the culprit for the coughing due to a dry throat which makes a drink imperative to have when smoking weed. The terpene can help reduce inflammation and help treat insomnia. Two popular strains with this useful terpene are Alien Rock Candy and Jungle Cake.

Dosi Cake Marijuana Seeds

Seed Madness and Dr. Chronic Seeds both carry feminized seeds of Dosi Cake. The aspect that you might not realize is that it is illegal and you can be arrested for receiving cannabis seeds in the mail. The offense is actually federal. 

Finding seeds should always be done in a legal manner. Head to a dispensary or contact another grower to inquire about their inventory of seeds. The last thing you want to risk is being arrested for having seeds shipped when you can legally find them. 

Price Of Dosi Cake Strain

Dosi Cake is going to cost around $40 per 1/8th of an ounce. The full ounce is going to cost $180 to $200. The more you purchase at once, the less the price will be per gram.

Shopping around could be very important as dispensaries have sales on various products at different times. You want to ensure that you are getting the best products for the lowest price to stretch your dollar. 

Medical Conditions This Strain Can Help 

Cannabis is so versatile when it comes to finding relief in a variety of the body’s systems. The more studies that are done, the more benefits are seemingly found. Dosi Cake can help bring relief to those suffering from the following medical conditions:

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  • Chronic Pain
  • Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Inflammation
  • Tremors

Dosi Cake has up to 1 percent in CBD content. The CBD is not very high but can be used by a patient looking to find some relief. Supplementing CBD can be quite easy and done in a number of ways. 

Final Thoughts On The Dosi Cake Marijuana Strain

Dosi Cake is a potent way to up your game to strains with higher levels of THC. The strain is not overly difficult to grow so it can be a good candidate for a first-time grower. The smaller yields might discourage some from growing this strain which is something to keep in mind. 

Dosi Cake is one of many cake or pie strains on the market. What is your favorite cake strain that is currently available? 

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