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El Alquimista has incredible genetics and is perfect for any Indica-love which is why the complete El Alquimista Strain review is being done. El Alquimista is Spanish for The Alchemist and it truly feels like someone in a laboratory grows every crop of this.

To say the least, El Alquimista is not for those rookie cannabis consumers. The last thing that you want is to be uncomfortable due to trying to keep up with seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

On the other hand, El Alquimista is the perfect strain for those looking to up their smoking game. The strain delivers on effects and potency in a way that many can find enjoyable.

El Alquimista Strain Genetics

marijuana buds in clear scooper, el alquimista strain

The genetics of El Alquimista are sure to deliver as it is a hybrid of the famous strains, Northern Lights and AK-47. The strain delivers an Indica-dominant experience that still can be enjoyed by a Sativa enthusiast.

Northern Lights is a resilient strain that is perfect for those first-time growers looking for a durable strain to create a hybrid. This has a heavy Indica lineage with famous strains like Super Silver Haze being a hybrid of this strain. Expect an earthy and skunky flavor from this strain along with beautiful resin-covered buds.

AK-47 allows the consumer to experience relaxation while keeping a clear mental state. The strain is floral and sweet on the exhale. AK-47 is perfect for those that want to socialize after consumption.

El Aquimista has a high THC content which can lead to you completely forgetting where you are in a sentence. Couch-lock is very common with this strain and overconsumption can easily lead to falling asleep.

Super Shiva and Stardust are great hybrids to try if you enjoy the effects of this bud. The quality of the cannabis that you purchase depends on the growers. If you decide you want to try your luck growing, you need to be in contact with professionals to optimize your grow.

A grower might want to try an autoflowering strain as these are far easier than photoperiod strains. You do not have to worry about changing the light cycles with autoflowers after the veg period. Find the right nutrients before starting to grow and make sure you only invest in seeds from well-reviewed seed banks.

The last thing that you want is to receive the wrong strain of feminized seeds. Less than reputable seed banks might not even send feminized seeds and blame the grower for their failure to grow.

Do not waste money on lights, nutrients, and soil for less than stellar seeds that have reliable genetics for durability, yield, and potency.

El Alquimista Strain Yield

El Alquimista can be grown both outdoors and indoors. The strain has quite a strong smell so hiding this when growing outdoors could present a challenge.

The buds can be very heavy which is fine as the Northern Lights lineage helps create a strong/durable plant.

El Alquimista Strain Flowering Time

The flowering time for El Alquimista is 7 to 8 weeks. The outdoor harvesting time should be around the end of September.

The appearance of the bud is bright neon green with orange/red hairs. The resin is abundant which announces the potency of this strain with force. This is truly a strain that you know is going to pack a punch before consumption.

El Alquimista Strain THC Percentage

El Alquimista is never going to be considered a beginner strain with a THC level hovering from 18 to 21 percent. Beginner cannabis users should wait a few minutes after consumption before going back for more.

El Alquimista is not a wake and bake strain unless you want to go strain back to bed. Using this strain after a long day can provide that stress relief that you truly need to rejuvenate.

The CBD levels of the strain are around 1 percent which is on the lower end. Adding a bit of CBD concentrate or flower to a bowl can impact the flavor of this strain but will deliver a medicating experience. Expect to be incredibly stoned after consuming this strain as it has been said to have a narcotic effect.

Flavor and Aroma of El Alquimista

The flavor and aroma both deliver on a sour yet fruity taste.

Pinene can have to do with the flowery flavor of Elquimista and offers anti-inflammatory benefits. Camphene is also prevalent in flowers like rosemary and can have a plethora of health benefits.

The sour and fruity taste can be seen in strains like that of Strawberry Cough or Sour Patch Kids. Strawberry Cough has won a number of awards and has a distinctive taste of strawberries upon the exhale.

Medical Conditions This Marijuana Strain Can Help

The medical conditions that El Alquimista can help with are the following:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Spasms

THC and CBD create the entourage effect as they potentiate the benefits of one another. Even though this strain is low in CBD, it is truly a THC juggernaut in nearly all cases.

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Final Words On The El Alquimista Weed Strain

El Alquimista is a strain that you need to think about investing in whether you are purchasing flower, seeds, or concentrates. You will not be disappointed as the fruity and sour flavors are perfect for cannabis consumers that love flavor combined with potency.

Here at CTU, we offer a plethora of cannabis growing courses from top professionals in the industry. We also offer state guides to help you find employment or become certified to work in the cannabis niche in your state. State laws differ on cannabis so make sure to follow all of your local laws closely.

The ability to ask an expert grower whether to change the watering pattern or light time for an indoor grow provides clarity. Driving up the potency of your grows on average can result in your best crop ever in a matter of a few grow cycles. Working as a commercial grower can provide you with stable employment for years to come.

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