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Layer Cake Strain

Who doesn’t love cake? The advanced guide to the Layer Cake strain covers a sweet strain that would make most cannabis enthusiasts salivate. The strain also has over 30 percent THC so get ready to get high enough to hear your hair growing.

Strains are becoming stronger and more delicious as breeders continually improve upon what many think to be perfect strains. At 30 plus percent THC, beginners should avoid this strain as there are concentrates like hash that come in at this level.

Those veteran smokers that want to test their limits but avoid taking dabs, this can be a great strain to break through that giant tolerance. Allow the high to completely take ahold before consuming more as it can be tempting to continually smoke this delicious yet potent strain.

Layer Cake Strain Genetics

Is Layer Cake strain indica or sativa?

Layer Cake is a 60-40 Indica-dominant hybrid of Wedding Cake, GMO, Triangle Kush, and Skunk #1. Reserve this strain for the end of the day when you are binging on your favorite shows. The strain can also give you sociability so enjoying friends while gaming or simply relaxing is ideal.

Wedding Cake tastes delicious and can help with depression as well as loss of appetite. This strain is usually grown indoors as it needs very specific conditions to thrive. Your energy levels will not be sapped while you relax and your mood is improved.

GMO or Garlic Cookies is one of those strains that those that prefer Indicas will love. Expect a spicy garlic taste on the exhale with an added fruity taste. Expect to feel relax yet uplifted as this strain will creep the sedation in.

Triangle Kush AKA the OG Kush of Florida is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Expect to be so relaxed that you feel like you are floating anywhere you go. You will feel relaxed yet uplifted but understand these effects will last for a long time making this a great strain to invest in.

Skunk #1 has been around for decades and it allows you to relax while stay creative/functional mentally. The strain was bred by Master of Marijuanas for years to make a great strain. Although it has lost a bit of popularity, it still appeals to consumers that love to try one of the original strains that were bred for potency/effects.

Layer Cake Strain Yield

The yield of Layer Cake depends on whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. Since feminized seeds are tough to find growing indoors is likely your best bet. You can expect around 300 grams per plant outdoors and 200 grams per plant indoors.

Layer Cake Strain Flowering Time

The flowering period of Layer Cake is around 9 weeks.

The appearance of this bud has dark green nugs with red/orange hairs protruding. There is a frost of trichomes which is no surprise due to the massive THC percentage of this strain.

THC Percentage Of The Layer Cake Strain

The THC percentage of Layer Cake strain is 32 percent. Most will think that is a typo but with its massive genetics, this strain is one of the most potent on the market. At 32 percent THC, keep this for those seasoned stoners that are always looking for a new high that don’t require dabs.

Flavor And Aroma Of The Layer Cake Strain

The flavor is a mix of sweet diesel combined with cheese and wood. The flavor profile is immensely interesting and simply enjoyable. The aroma is very similar with hints of earthy and spicy being added. 

Myrcene has an earthy taste and has been known to promote relaxation to the point that this terpene actually helps people sleep with insomnia. Jungle Juice and Rainbow Chip are two strains that are high in this terpene that can allow you to truly relax.

Limonene has the flavor of lemon which makes this a terpene that a number of knowledgeable cannabis consumers seek out. Expect your mood to improve and this can be a great terpene to help stimulate your appetite so keep your munchies handy. Two strains that are high in this terpene include Cement Shoes and Crazy Glue which both come in at over 20 percent THC. 

Caryophyllene has a spicy taste and has been shown to reduce inflammation. Two strains that contain this terpene are Gelonade and Peyote Cookies. 

Medical Conditions Layer Cake Can Help

Marijuana can help people live a better quality of life by helping them overcome certain medical conditions or at least making them manageable. The long-term impacts of marijuana are very minimal when compared to long-term medication that could have huge side effects when it is stopped. Layer Cake can help with the following medical conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cramps
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Stress

The misconception that some people have is that CBD is the only compound that has medical benefits. THC also has medical benefits but has been demonized by politicians as it makes a consumer high. Consulting a doctor before going off of any medication is imperative. Making the switch to cannabis is one that people rarely regret.

Layer Cake Strain Price

Layer cake strain price on average is $10-$15 per gram, $45-63 per 1/8th oz, $96-$112 per 1/4 oz, and $200-$216 per 1/2 oz.

Layer Cake Strain Seeds

Layer Cake seeds can be found online at various seed banks such as Neptune Seed Banks. 

Shipping of cannabis seeds to the USA is not federally legal yet although some seed banks send them regardless.

It is a much better idea to try to find a dispensary or cannabis grower with seeds in your local area to avoid potential penalties. Or even better, use clones from a healthy marijuana plant and not weed seeds. 

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Final Words On The Layer Cake Strain

Layer Cake is a strain that you need to purchase whether it is flower or seeds. The strength and flavor of this strain really deliver a great high. Make sure you take it easy with this strain until you gauge how it will impact you. 30 percent THC is almost unfathomable.

Growing Layer Cake should not be done by beginners as your yield will directly be impacted in a huge way by your growing skills. Small details matter when growing marijuana that amateur growers might not realize. The help of a professional can help you grow the best marijuana of your life.

CTU offers incredible courses online in growing marijuana and other aspects of cannabis. Our faculty has experts in growing and in nearly every other niche of cannabis. Learning from our courses could land you a job in the growing cannabis industry that you will truly love.

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