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The definitive review of the Punch Breath strain covers a strain that will truly take your breath away. This potent yet delicious strain can be hard to find so it is important to take advantage when you do see its products like flower, seeds, or concentrates available.

Punch Breath Strain Genetics

Is Punch Breath Strain indica or sativa?

Punch Breath is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid of Mendo Breath and Purple Punch. Finding this strain could be a challenge as it is relatively rare when compared to more mainstream strains. Expect a body high that is incredible that allows your sore muscles to relax after a long day.

Mendo Breath is going to take your breath away as the high creeps into a full-bodied couch-lock. You might have some trouble focusing but will be in a great mood about it. Expect a candy flavor with caramel that makes this a strain that hits hard and offers a sweet flavor simultaneously.

Purple Punch is not a wake and bake strain as it can put the consumer right to sleep. Expect a rush of euphoria that is taken over by a body high that allows a person to truly relax. Expect a taste of blueberries and a hint of sour grape which makes this a very popular strain.

Finding a strain that allows you to relax your mind and body can help you rejuvenate at night. Those that suffer from insomnia could have their lives changed if they find a strain to use at night that doesn’t leave them too tired the next morning. Edibles are often a great option for those that want restful sleep without a groggy feeling that some sleep medications leave them with in the morning.

Punch Breath Strain Yield

Punch Breath can be grown indoors or outdoors using a variety of methods. The strain tends to do well in a dry yet warm environment which should be easy to mimic indoors. States like Florida might not be great to grow this strain due to the high levels of humidity.

Indoors a grower can expect 2 to 3 ounces per square foot. Outdoors a grower can expect the same or around 550 grams per plant. Controlling the humidity is far easier indoors and with yields being the same, indoor grows could be your best option.

Yields are impacted by the genetics of the seeds that you purchase. Finding the highest quality Punch Breath seeds is as easy as looking for seeds from Symbiotic Genetics. The last thing you want is to get seeds with poor genetics that just lead to lower yields and potency.

Other factors will have to do with the strain-specific requirements being met. Too much water or too warm of an environment can impact yields negatively. Remember, what is good for one strain might not be great for another so finding strains that thrive in similar environments is important.

Punch Breath Strain Flowering Time

Punch Breath has a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks.

The appearance of this bud is that of mint green nugs that are extremely dense. There are going to be orange hairs present and a coating of trichomes that give the nugs a white hue.

THC Percentage Of The Punch Breath Strain

The THC percentage of Punch Breath is between 14 and 22 percent. Expect a feeling of bliss as your entire body relaxes. Don’t use this as a wake and bake strain as you might have to clear your schedule for a few hours after smoking Punch Breath.

Flavor And Aroma Of Punch Breath

The flavor of punch breath will be that of berry and candy. The aroma is similar with hints of blueberry and fruit. Below are the terpenes this strain contains.

Myrcene has been shown to help induce calmness in a consumer. This terpene can help a person fall and stay asleep as it reduces anxiety. Myrcene has an earthy taste that a number of consumers enjoy. Strains that contain this terpene at high levels are Rocket Fuel and Member Berry.

Carene has an earthy and cedar taste. The terpene has been shown to enhance the memory and has anti-inflammatory properties. Strains that contain this terpene include Lemon Kush and Romulan.

Pinene can help combat pain, anxiety, and stress. The aroma is that of pine which can help induce relaxation. Strains that contain this terpene at reasonable levels are Space Cake and Alien Cookies.

Bisabolol has a floral aroma and can also help address insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety. Strains that contain this terpene are Dragon Fruit and Lemon Tree.

Humulene adds a spicy flavor to cannabis when it is present. This can help relax the body while calming the mind. Strains that contain this terpene are Bay 11 and Great White Shark.

Medical Conditions This Marijuana Strain Can Help

Cannabis is going to continue to become more mainstream when it comes to addressing certain medical conditions. Certain cannabinoids help address different problems while working together within the body. Punch Breath can help the following medical conditions:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Stress

The CBD levels are relatively low but this strain does have a diverse terpene profile. THC can help with a myriad of medical conditions but is the psychoactive component in marijuana or in other words, it gets you high.

Punch Breath Strain Price

Punch Breath strain price on average is $10-$15 per gram, $50-60 per 1/8th oz, $95-$105 per 1/4 ounce, and $195-$215 per 1/2 ounce.

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Final Verdict On The Punch Breath Weed Strain

Punch Breath is going to be tough to find as it is a relatively rare hybrid. Investing in this strain when you find seeds or flower is something you should do. You do not want to regret not getting this strain especially if you only see it a few times annually.

Growing Punch Breath is relatively easy as it doesn’t require much besides a dry environment and ample light. Growing the best marijuana of your life will require help from a professional and personal experience. You would be surprised as to how much help a commercial grower can be even if they see your plants once a week.

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