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The method of education is changing. Traditional education has a great many limitations that can eliminate the school as a viable option for many students. It is limited because the costs involved are higher, making tuition unattainable. Also, because students must be located close to the classes, only students that live or move near the school may attend.

Online education is becoming more and more popular, primarily because it reduces or eliminates the limitations of traditional education. Online cannabis classes and the ability to complete one's training in a subject online has many excellent benefits.

Universities across the country who offer such programs are rapidly growing for this reason. Just as the online option is providing benefits to traditional schools, it provides many advantages of an online marijuana school as well.

Benefits of an Online Marijuana School

Improved Access

The marijuana industry is growing rapidly, and the need for trained professionals has never been higher. Students who have undergone training from a qualified marijuana school have a far better chance of finding a rewarding and lucrative cannabis career.

They will have an advantage over those who have no professional training. By providing the opportunity to receive an education online, there is no limit to who can attend. Anyone across the globe with access to the internet can earn their Master of Cannabis Certifications online.

Higher Quality

The quality of the education available through an online marijuana school is also improved. Instead of taking courses from a limited number of educators, students enrolled have access to training from all the top marijuana experts.

These professionals have provided their expertise for students to take advantage of, without needing to be in a classroom setting. That allows for all the top cannabis experts in the field to share their knowledge to any student enrolled anywhere in the world.

Compared to in-person cannabis schools, Cannabis Training University provides much more learning, up to 350 hours of content. In-person cannabis college's provide only a day or two of training. At Cannabis Training University you can learn many times more than you could at any in-person marijuana school.

Lower Cost

Operating a physical school is exceptionally costly. Consider the expenses that are involved including building maintenance and upkeep, property taxes, utilities including water, sewer, and electricity, and many others. These costs are reflected in the amount a student is required to pay.


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Online marijuana schools eliminate these expenses that in turn, reduce the student's costs as well. This builds on exceptional value because students not only receive a higher quality education, they do so at a much more affordable rate.

Comfort, Convenience, and Flexibility

There are no set times or locations that a student must follow to learn. Because the program is entirely online, students can take the courses when it works best for them. They no longer have to juggle their work or family responsibilities to attend school. Because it is so flexible, it makes attaining their Master of Cannabis Certificates highly convenient.

Furthermore, they can learn in the manner that works best for them in the environment that makes them most comfortable. This helps the student to learn the material better and faster than in traditional education settings.

These are just a few of the many benefits of an online cannabis school. There is an incredible opportunity for individuals to enter the marijuana industry, and a Masters Certificate can help position them for greater success.

Why Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University (CTU) is the leading accredited online marijuana school in the world and offers cutting-edge marijuana training across the globe. Our classes are fully legal and available to anyone, regardless of your area's marijuana laws.

The leading members of the US and Canada cannabis community offer students comprehensive marijuana education and provide the most combined experience in the medical marijuana industry in North America.

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We've trained thousands of individuals in over 20 countries. We have provided our graduates with a Master of Cannabis Certificate and the knowledge needed to grow marijuana successfully. As well as finding employment within the exciting cannabis industry.

Accredited Cannabis College

Cannabis Training University is IACET/ANSI accredited! Cannabis Training University is the accredited cannabis college that can give you the credentials you need to succeed in the booming cannabis industry.

Our complete curriculum can be taken when it is convenient for you, and our model allows us to provide that curriculum at an affordable rate. Learn more about CTU and the education we provide, contact us with your questions, or enroll today to really see the benefits of an online marijuana school!

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