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Online cannabis industry training from a reputable institute can be a great addition to your resume and cover letter. There is a wide range of entry-level and management marijuana dispensary jobs available.

If you want to get a complete industry education from experts in the industry, Cannabis Training University’s online marijuana training can help. Here's how:

How Online Training Can Help With Marijuana Dispensary Jobs

Gain a Competitive Edge

With all skills and experience being equal, online training from CTU can make all the difference between you and another job applicant. It shows a willingness to learn and commitment to the industry. Even if you don't have marijuana industry experience, online certification can supplement your traditional retail and customer service experience.

It’s an Affordable Investment

Online job training from CTU is an affordable option for students who want to explore a variety of industry topics ranging from cannabis medicine to cannabis business. Stop paying thousands of dollars for other cannabis schools. CTU’s price point is accessible to almost anyone. It's a great value for students of all skill levels.

Fill In Resume and Cover Letter Templates

A resume and cover letter are a must when applying for any job. We provide you with resume and cover letter templates that you can download, fill in the blanks, and print out. We take care of the formatting and give you tips to showcase your value in your resume and cover letter. It's that easy.

Keep Handouts for Future Reference

CTU provides you with access to downloadable handouts ranging from key industry terminology you should know to troubleshooting tips for pests and disease on plants to getting an accurate dose of edibles. We give you the knowledge you need to speak intelligently at the interview and on your job.

Learn Your State Requirements

Every legal state has different requirements for its cannabis workers. Generally, you must be at least 21 years of age or older to work in a dispensary. Rules may require a background check, application fee, job training, and a cannabis worker's permit. Online training provides you with up-to-date rules and regulations relating to cannabis workers.

Know Where to Look and How to Network

Finding a dispensary job is much like finding any other job. There are a few cannabis-specific job boards with fewer but relevant job postings than traditional job boards. Online industry training can give you tips on how to write an email to a cannabis company and network in person at a facility or at local cannabis events.

Ace the Interview

A reputable online training institute like CTU can prepare you for the most exciting part of the job application process: the interview. Learn the dos and don'ts about interviewing in this industry from avoiding slang to preparing a few questions before the interview. Get tips and tricks on how to make a good first impression with the interviewer.

Understand the Roles and Responsibilities of Dispensary Workers

A dispensary is run by a team of employees ranging from security guards to budtenders to the dispensary manager to the receptionist and more. Online training breaks down the responsibilities of each role. Can you handle a fast-paced and high-volume retail sales floor? Are you more skilled to perform clerical duties and answer phones?

Get the Right Education and Experience Needed

Online industry training covers the ideal education and experience of dispensary employees including budtenders, assistant managers, and managers. Once you know this, you can seek the education and experience necessary for the position. Online cannabis training can be an excellent supplement to your existing education and experience.

Know the Pay Rate

How much do dispensary workers make? How much does a budtender make? How much does a dispensary manager make? Online industry training gives you a rundown of the compensation based on the job position. Understanding the pay range of dispensary workers can help you find a job that compensates you fairly.

Learn the Skills

Working in a marijuana dispensary jobs role is much like working a traditional retail job. Online industry training can provide you with in-depth and high-definition videos showing different areas of working in a dispensary such as operating a point-of-sale system, customer service, purchase limits, handling money, and checking in a patient.

Learn the Medical Symptoms and Conditions

Cannabis is a therapeutic plant that is used for medical or recreational purposes. For recreational uses, it is generally used to alleviate stress and minor aches and pains. Online training provides you with examples of how to help patients and recreational consumers choose cannabis products for their specific needs.

Explore Careers Beyond Cannabis Retail

A complete online cannabis training gives you an overview and rundown of a wide range of careers across cultivation, retail, processing, and ancillary sectors. Explore different avenues that you may not have considered for cannabis careers including a cannabis extraction technician, edible chef, cannabis grower, and more.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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