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How Smart Pots Can Improve Marijuana Plants. Marijuana plant in a pot.

How Smart Pots Can Improve Cannabis Plants

What are smart pots as it relates to improving your cannabis plants? Glad you asked! Smart pots are used to enhance the vitality and health of your cannabis plants. However, you have to be aware of how they can work to give you a better yield. You can choose to use a regular container, but smart pots might give you better results. It was since the 1980s that smart pots came into the nursery or greenhouse industry.

Many farmers found them to be beneficial to the growth and harvest of their plants. These were used widely around the world by many farmers, especially those who wanted to plant outdoors. Smart pots have proven to be better used in comparison to plastic containers. When you use this form of container to grow your cannabis plants, it gives the plants lots of vigor from seed to bud and it prevents or minimizes the threat or menace of root pathogens. If you are concerned about the root health of your cannabis plants, then you should possibly consider the use of smart pots.

The Name Explained

Why are they called smart pots? What's so smart about them? These are questions that are asked by many people. While they have no brain, they are industrially made and so they are durable and sustainable. This vessel is made from industrial and heavy duty cloth, which is breathable and allows the air to pass through the growing medium. As your cannabis plants grow to the edge of the smart pot, the plants encounter a layer of aerated soil. The roots then get air trimmed prior to reaching the pot's wall. The tip of the roots will dehydrate to create the root branch. With that taking place, the roots will feather more, which means that the root will increase its overall surface area. In addition, this will prevent the roots from enveloping the wall of your smart pot, giving the cannabis plants more air to breath. The root's growth will be much denser and the uptake of the nutrient will be more efficient.

The Heat

Heat is released from your smart pot in comparison to the regular plastic container, which retains the heat. When the heat is retained, it will eventually result in root rot and promotion of soil-borne insects and pests. The growth of your cannabis plants will be inhibited as a result. With the smart pots, you can expect that your cannabis plants will be able to breathe as it dissipates the heat into the soil and eliminates heat stress.

The Roots

When you maintain healthy roots, then you will have healthy cannabis plants. When your roots do not get sufficient expansion room, there are a number of things that can occur. However, when they are allowed to expand, you can expect bigger cannabis plants and healthy root tips. With the smart pot, your cannabis plants will be able to easily penetrate its new medium, developing healthy root patterns.

The Grow Medium

Cannabis plants will grow where you have sunshine and water. However, if you use sandy soil or clay, it will bear no results. Therefore, it is ideal to build a good soil profile or amend the existing soil, if necessary. If you are thinking about modifying the natural soil to make it friendly to growing cannabis plants, it is best to acquire some gardening skills. Even if it means digging a hole to replace the natural soil with customized soil can be quite challenging, if you do not know what you are doing. With smart pots, you can fully customize your grow medium with less effort than it would take to modify the natural soil.

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Luis Cordova
Luis Cordova

Luis Cordova is a distinguished author, and renowned expert in cannabis cultivation, who possesses a Master's degree in Plant Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Science. As a valued contributor to highly esteemed publications such as Cannabis Training University and Maximum Yield Magazine, Luis has emerged as a trusted source of guidance and knowledge in the cannabis industry. Having written thousands of informative articles, Luis is widely recognized for his comprehensive expertise on cultivating cannabis, both indoors and outdoors.

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