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What is “Dank” Marijuana? Close up of a marijuana plant

What is “Dank” Cannabis?

Let's say you had a friend who smoked cannabis like you did and you got a call that your friend is inviting himself over to get dank cannabis from you, how would you handle this? Isn't that high expectations for anyone, even you? What does dank mean by the way? This word has become tantamount with the cannabis culture. In fact, the word ‘dank' is used to explain how good your cannabis is. Most people who love cannabis should know about dank cannabis. Many of them use the word to describe the high quality of their cannabis.

The Novice

If you were a novice when you entered the amazing world of cannabis, you may not have known the kind of strain you are smoking. You probably didn't know you were smoking dank cannabis until someone told you. Before long, you were either told about it or found out on your own. Either way, we are sure that you were pleased about your finding as you came to experience the high quality buds and the high level potency, giving you a quicker high. You are now even able to spot dank cannabis right away; much more than you did before. Below, we have gone through the things you should look for to identify dank buds.

The Aroma

Dank cannabis has a skunky aroma in most cases and a fruity aroma, depending on the cannabis strain, if it is sativa or indica. Dirt cannabis is pretty much moldy abnd has an aroma like dirt or kind of like chemicals were used during the growth process.

The Appearance

Dank cannabis will be covered with THC crystals. What does this mean? Well, once you touch the cannabis, your hands should be covered with THC crystals. How does it look? It is the same as orange dust when you eat Cheetos and it is stuck to your fingers. If you don't have high-quality cannabis, then you won't notice those crystals. That is when you will know for sure that the cannabis is crappy.

Seeds or Stems

If you want to know that you are holding dank cannabis, look to see if there are any seeds or stems. You shouldn't have any. With dank cannabis, you don't have to grind it to use it. On the other hand, dirt cannabis or crappy cannabis has a lot of stems and seeds and requires grinding or breaking it apart prior to smoking it. If you don't use a grinder or break it apart, then you might be smoking seed accidentally and smoking cannabis that taste like crap.

The Taste

You can tell you whether your cannabis is dank or not, depending on the way that it tastes. If it tastes really good, then you have high-quality cannabis. You might decide it taste a little on the fruity side, whether it is indica or sativa. One thing is certain is that it will be less harsh and more smooth. Dirt cannabis has the same taste and smell – just like dirt. You will have a harsher hit and probably be coughing like crazy.

The High

Dank cannabis gives you a better high than dirt cannabis. When you get a high from your dank buds, it is a more relaxing and cleaner feeling. You just feel absolutely amazing, both physically and mentally. The dirt cannabis cannot even compare to the high you get from truly great cannabis. With dirt cannabis, you probably will be able to hold a high for only twenty minutes, but no more and you may even have a headache following the high.

The Hue

Dank cannabis is bright green mixed with orange and purple hue or color. It looks really amazing in texture and color and moreover, it glitters with crystal. On the other hand, dirt cannabis is brown in color and doesn't have a pleasant look.

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Luis Cordova

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