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A Look At Various Forms Of Marijuana Dosing. 3 scoopers with marijuana buds in them.

A Look At Various Forms Of Cannabis Dosing

There are different forms of cannabis dosing that you should be aware of. We have addressed this now so that you will understand the right dosage to start with as it relates to consumption methods and marijuana products. It is not so easy to come up with the right forms of cannabis dosing, if you don't have the knowledge to do so.

As it relates to the terpene profile and cannabinoid, marijuana strains can vary quite a bit. This makes one marijuana strain have a higher level of potency than another strain. In addition, there are varying consumption methods that include smoking, applying topical creams, eating edibles and using the oil sublingually (under the tongue). So, the fact that you are dealing with so many different consumption methods, you are going to have different types of cannabis dosing.

Different Levels

When it comes to cannabis dosing, not all individuals possess the same tolerance level. An avid marijuana user might be able to tolerate a higher dose. However, that same dose might be too high for the next person. As a result, it is an individual thing when it comes to cannabis dosing. We have put together a list of doses to start with in various forms. This is just the basic start, but something that you can adjust later as you get more accustomed to smoking or consuming weed.

Dried Herb

The usual cannabis dosing for dried herb is up to 0.5 grams and as low as 0.25 grams. If you wanted to roll a joint, you would use half gram of dried herb. However, if you want to gauge your tolerance level, it would be best to begin with 0.25 grams. If this is too strong for you or not as strong, you have the option of making adjustments. When you use the vaporizing method to smoke dried herb, it gives an immediate effect. The novice and experienced users have varying effects. However, remember that not all vaporizer pack the same punch. It depends on things like chamber capacity, size, air flow and model.


For edibles, the right cannabis dosing is ever so important. You should start with no more than 10 milligrams of CBD or THC. Why? Well, when you consume marijuana in the form of edibles, it goes through your blood stream and causes a stronger reaction than when you smoke weed. For that reason, dosage is important or you could experience paranoia. Be sure that you handle the amount that you can tolerate or your experience might be an unpleasant one. Also, make sure you know how much is in any cannabutter you use.

Cannabis Oil

For the oil, you can limit the cannabis dosing to one gram, but in several different doses. Many medical patients use this to treat their severe health conditions; some of which might be seizures or cancer. In this case, cannabis oil is usually highly concentrated and potent, but with medicinal effects. One gram is enough to consume each day; about three times a day, depending on your tolerance level.

Topical Products

You can use topical products as sprays, ointments and creams. This cannabis dosing will depend on the specific product. For example, if you are suffering from pain, you would probably choose the topical ointment or cream. Most of these products contain mostly CBD and less THC content.

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If you are a medical marijuana consumer, the typical dosage used is between 5 and 10 milligrams. In microdosing, the THC dose is minimal and to be taken once or twice per day to receive the best effect.

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