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Worried when it comes to detention time for marijuana drug tests? For those who want to land that coveted job and you smoke weed recreationally and worried about how you are going to pass the marijuana drug tests, listen up.

You can have a month free of THC, if you know just what to do. The ideal solution is to abstain from smoking cannabis as soon as you learn that the employer is going to need you to do marijuana drug tests.

You should also stop the consumption of cannabis topicals, cannabis edibles and marijuana concentrates. After that, you should start to detox using various methods so you can remain hydrated.

Drinking Water

One thing that works a lot for those who are going to be taking marijuana drug tests is to start drinking water; at least eight glasses every day. This is one of the easiest ways to detox and stay hydrated. If you don't like to drink water as some people don't, then you should squeeze a little lemon in the water. This makes it easier to drink the water. Or you could drink natural juices and tea to supplement the water drinking.

Water is really good for your health and you should always incorporate it in your diet. However, you should never drink too much water.

On that day when you are going to do your marijuana drug tests, you should definitely NOT drink a lot of water because your urine could get diluted. Drink most of the water days before the marijuana drug tests.

Avoid Alcohol and Sodas

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Another thing you should do is to avoid drinking caffeine, alcoholic beverages and sodas. You must consume the appropriate diet or you will fail your marijuana drug tests. The goal is to flush all the THC from out of your system and alcohol, soda and caffeine won't help. It is best to consume the kinds of food that is rich in antioxidants such as kale, spinach, plums, tomatoes, corn, walnuts, berries, bell peppers and artichokes.

Natural Flush

Getting the THC out of your system does not mean you have to stick to one solution. It depends on several factors. Seven days is the half life of THC. Once this time passes, the THC is broken down into metabolites and if you want to reduce the THC naturally out of your body, it will take up to one month.

However, you cannot consume any more products with THC during this period. Your body will then naturally flush it out during that allotted time.


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Your Lifestyle

If you smoke weed consistently, then flushing your system will require more than a natural flush. It will depend on how much weed you consume each day. And it will also depend on the type of marijuana strain you consume; whether high potency level or not. Other things that is incumbent upon whether you pass your marijuana drug tests or not is your diet, metabolism and physical activity.

The Detox

When you detox your body, it quickens the reduction of traces of THC in your body. There are several products on the market to do so. Once you begin to flush your system, you can use the drug test methods to see if marijuana is still detected in your body before doing your tests. You can have a urine test done, blood tests and saliva tests done.

The Detection Time

If you are a first time user, then THC might stay in your urine up to eight days. For occasional users, it could be up to eighteen days. For regular users, it could be up to three months. It might stay up to three months, if you were to do a hair test. If you used the blood tests, the THC would show up on day 7, but after you flush, take the tests again. A

After you use marijuana, the THC will show up in your saliva within twenty four hours.

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