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Afgooey, also referred to as “Afgoo,” is a well-liked cannabis strain renowned for its distinctive qualities and strong effects.

Afgooey Genetics

It is thought to be a hybrid between Maui Haze strains and an Afghani landrace. This variety is mostly indica, as seen by its growth habits and effects.

Afgooey THC Content

The THC percentage is Afgooey is high, usually between 18 and 28%.

Afgooey strain buds, close up, with a table at the top that lists its genetics, terpenes, smell, taste, effects.

Afgooey Flavor & Aroma

Afgooey has a reputation for having earthy, sweet scents with a tinge of pine. A common description of the flavor profile is woodsy with a hint of herbal sweetness.

I have smoked it a few times and can say it does have a woody taste.

The afgooey buds are usually covered in trichomes that have a greenish-purple tint, and they are dense and sticky.

Afgooey Effects

Afgooey is well-known for its calming and sedative properties which make it appropriate for usage at night. It can produce a calming and exhilarating feeling that could be helpful in relieving stress.

Growing Afgooey

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, Afgooey is relatively easy to cultivate. If you are a new cannabis grower Afgooey is a good strain to grow. It is pretty easy to grow as far as strains go.

Afgooey Flowering Time

Flowering Period for Afgooey is about 8–9 weeks which is not very long for strains. It is helpful to flower quicker unlike some sativa strains which can take many more weeks.

Afgooey Frequently Asked Questions

Is Afgooey good for beginner users?

Because of its high THC content this is not a recommended strain for beginner cannabis users.

Does Afgooey help with sleep?

Yes, its sedative indica effects are helpful for those suffering from insomnia or other sleep issues.

Is Afgooey Strain indica or sativa?

It is an indica-dominant strain that comes from a cross between Maui Haze and an Afghani landrace.

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What is the main terpene in Afgooey strain?

Myrcene is the most common terpene in Afgooey strain.

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