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The Cherry Bomb strain might bring you back decades and remind you of the overly powerful firework. While strain definitely packs a punch as it can be quite potent and has a delicious flavor. Most consumers that have not tried marijuana since some states have legalized it will be amazed as to how potent it truly is.

The Cherry Bomb marijuana strain is one that you might have to try simply because of the name. Below will delve into all you need to know about this rare strain. 

Cherry Bomb Marijuana Strain Genetics

cannabis strain isolated on red, cherry bomb strain

Cherry Bomb has a lineage from a North American Indica and Hawaiian strain. Much like other strains with a murky history, this strain does have a number of rumors of the exact strains that created it. Expect this strain to fully relax you without residual effects that leave you in a haze.

Hawaiian is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that can sport up to 25 percent THC. Expect flavors of citrus and pineapple which makes this strain quite easy to toke on. You won’t be in a haze so you will be able to get things done with a clear mind. 

Finding similar genetics might be a challenge due to the lack of clarity. You can always target strains that you want to try with similar effects. There are some strains that give you the motivation to take on your day while others sedate you after a long day to help you fall asleep. 

Cherry Bomb Strain Yield

Cherry Bomb can be grown indoors or outdoors but outdoor grows can have plants that grow up to 8 feet tall. The strain should likely be grown by someone with experience as it can present challenges. You will also not want to waste seeds if you do find them as they are very rare, to say the least. 

Expect up to an ounce per square foot when growing indoors. Outdoor growers can see up to 2 ounces per square foot with Cherry Bomb. 

Genetics of seeds always make a difference as some breeders try to drive up potency and yield through generations of breeding. You want to make sure you do research as to the optimum growing environment for any strain. You do not want to impact your yield negatively with a grow tent being too hot, humid, or having poor ventilation. 

Flowering Period Of The Cherry Bomb Strain

The flowering phase of Cherry Bomb lasts between 8 to 10 weeks. The yields are not very high considering how long this strain flowers for. The appearance is nothing to write home about although consumers love this strain. If you love strains with a fruity taste, this one might be a great investment when you find flower at the dispensary. 

THC Content Of The Cherry Bomb Marijuana Strain

Cherry Bomb has 17 to 24 percent THC which makes it very potent for nearly any smoker. You should always wait until a high fully settles in before consuming. There are some strains that are considered creepers as the strain’s high creeps up on a consumer over the course of time. 

Flavor And Aroma Of The Cherry Bomb Pot Strain

The flavor of Cherry Bomb will be of sweet berry. The aroma is nearly identical with added citrus notes. The terpene profile is dominated by Carene, Camphene, and Pinene. Both Myrcene and Limonene are in this strain at lower levels. 

Carene is going to have a pleasant aroma of citrus. The terpene can help reduce inflammation and has even been shown in studies to improve memory. Blue Dream and Clementine are two strains to try that contain this terpene. 

Camphene has a sweet aroma which is why it is commonly used in perfume. You can expect relief from inflammation and pain. 

Pinene will have a distinct aroma of pine needles. Expect to find relief from pain anxiety and stress with this terp as strains with this terpene usually have decent levels of CBD. Strains that contain this common terpene are Watermelon and Wedding Cake. 

Cherry Bomb Strain Weed Seeds

Finding seeds is going to be nearly impossible with Cherry Bomb as they are very rare. You will either need to get lucky or find clippings from a local grower. Not all strains have seeds readily available through seed banks.

Receiving seeds in the mail is actually illegal despite the fact that some seed banks will send them regardless. The wise choice is to always acquire seeds legally even though it might not be as convenient as ordering them online. 

Price Of Cherry Bomb Cannabis

Cherry Bomb is going to be one of the more affordable strains on the market. For 1/8th of an ounce, you can expect to pay $30 to $35. A full ounce is only going to run you $160 to $170. Taxes will impact these prices as they differ by state and even city. 

Medical Conditions Cherry Bomb Can Help

Most consumers underestimate the way cannabis and its compounds can help them medically. With the side effects of some pharmaceuticals, CBD or THC is a far safer option. Cherry Bomb can help provide relief to the following medical ailments. 

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Mood Swings

The strain has up to 2 percent in CBD content which is relatively healthy. Adding CBD along with THC to your daily routine might provide you with relief you could have never imagined. 

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Final Thoughts On The Cherry Bomb Weed Strain 

Cherry Bomb is going to be a favorite of those that love strains with a fruity or citrus flavor. There is no shortage of strains that completely blow the minds of consumers. Genetics have come such a long way that weed is nearly unrecognizable to marijuana a few decades ago. 

There are a number of cherry strains that are on the market. Cherry Pie is one of the most famous as it has been mentioned frequently in popular culture. What is your favorite strain that has a flavor of cherries? 

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