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The wild and vast landscape of Australia makes it possible to grow a number of cannabis strains which requires its own article on the common weed strains in Australia.

The legal status is still up in the air much like the United States and Australia. Medical marijuana is legal federally while the Australian Capital Territory legalized recreational marijuana. There is an age restriction of 18 years old for the possession and even growing of multiple plants.

The world is coming around to marijuana due to the economic impact it can have in various parts of the globe. The various climates of Australia can be a perfect place to grow certain strains. The use of hemp is already prevalent around the globe as hemp doesn’t have psychoactive properties.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 can leave you couch-locked if you are not careful. The strain is known for notoriously high THC levels with one sample testing at 34 percent. The potent strain has massive genetics from Sour Dub, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem’s Sister.  

The number of awards that this strain has won at Cannabis Cups worldwide is immense. The originators gave out cuts which led to this strain being grown on a mass scale.

What You Should Know About This Strain:

  • A staple in the cannabis community, this is not for first-time smokers. The high THC levels in some grows can be far too much for a rookie smoker.
  • Overconsumption can lead to sleepy feelings and expect to be glued to the couch, not literally but when you consume it, you will know.
  • Growing this strain outdoors can be tough as it is quite pungent so indoor grows might be best.
  • The beauty of this bud when grown correctly will stagger cannabis connoisseurs.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry cough weed

Second on our list of common weed strains in Australia is Strawberry Cough. The name perfectly describes the exhale on this strain. There is no wonder that it is popular among Australians due to its potency and flavor. The strain comes from quite disputed origins although it is said to be a descendant of Strawberry Fields.

This Sativa-dominant strain looks as good as it tastes with prominant fruity smells and red hairs. The trichomes look like they are showing off in this strain with the high THC content.

What You Should Know About This Strain

  • If you are looking for an uplifting strain or one to get your creative juices flowing, this can be a perfect strain
  • Yes, it does in fact taste like strawberries upon the exhale.
  • You can function throughout the day on this strain without excessive fatigue.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer does not disappiopnt as it is an impressive hybrid of Jack the Ripper and Harlequin. The beauty of this strain is that it can deliver on both the THC and CBD fronts.

The THC is perfect at around 10 percent while the CBD is as well. There are high THC strains that hover in 20s while the CBD is below 1 percent.

The strain is not just famous in Australia as it is a worldwide favorite for cannabis enthusiasts. The boost of energy and mood improvement this strain is known for are great reasons for consumption as well.

Medicinally, this strain really delivers as the combination of THC and CBD have shown to work incredibly well together. This makes Jack Herer one of the common weed strains in Australia.

What You Should Know About This Strain:

  • Jack Herer is a favorite of growers due to its fast growing time and prevalent harvest.
  • Expect an earthy taste with a hint of pine.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is another strain that delivers on THC and CBD simultaneously. The strain is also a favorite for growers due to the size of the plants that can be grown outdoors. Much Like Gorilla Glue #4, Acapulco Gold strain is in the running for the best grown strain of all-time. 

For those that love toffee, this could be the best strain for you. The origin of this strain is from the Acapulco area of Mexico. Even so, this is and will remain one of the most common weed strains in Australia.

What You Should Know About This Strain:

  • This is the perfect strain for those that want to get energized and motivated.
  • The THC content can go up to around 20 percent which is not for rookie cannabis consumers.
  • The strain can be difficult to find due to its popularity.

Granddaddy Purple

To round out our list of common weed strains in Australia we have one of, if not the most popular strain, Granddaddy Purple.

Granddaddy Purple is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud strains. There is a misconception that all purple cannabis is Granddaddy Purple although this strain gets its color from its parent Purple Urkle.

The strain is perfect for the end of the day as it is an Indica hybrid that allows you to truly relax.

The taste of berries is overwhleming with Granddaddy Purple which is why it has gained such a following. The fact that the name is memorable probably contributes to its popularity as well.

What You Should Know About This Strain:

  • A number of medical benefits have been found for various health issues. Insomnia can ruin a life but GDP is a favorite of those looking to relieve everything from insomnia to pain and strain.
  • Finding seeds with the right genetics is imperative if you decide to grow this strain. You want good lineage with your seeds as you do not want their genetics to limit your grow’s potential.

Bonus! 7 More Common Weed Strains in Australia

Common weed strains in Australia. Australian flag with cannabis leaves on it and a bud behind.

Aussie Blues: An invigorating, sativa-dominant strain, Aussie Blues is distinguished by its distinct blueberry fragrance is one of the most common weed strains in Australia.

Mullumbimby Madness: This strain has a long history in Australia and is well-known for its potent sativa effects. It is named after a town in New South Wales.

Australian Blue: This strain, which also has blueberry DNA, has a combination of calming and energizing benefits and is one of the most common weed strains in Australia..

Durban Poison: Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain that originated in South Africa but is now popular all over the world, especially in Australia. It's well known for having energizing, uplifting effects.

Blue Dream: A California-born artist who is also well-liked in Australia, Blue Dream has received praise on a global scale. This hybrid strain has a balanced, soothing effect with a hint of mental stimulation.

Northern Lights: Australia isn't the only country that loves the indica strain known as Northern Lights. It is frequently used for relaxation and stress alleviation because of its sedative and calming qualities.

White Widow: A well-balanced hybrid with a reputation for providing both mental stimulation and a sense of relaxation, White Widow is a well-known hybrid on a global scale.

Amnesia Haze: This award-winning, sativa-dominant strain is well-known for its strong effects.

Recap of Common Weed Strains in Australia

The top strains of cannabis available in Australia might include some very familiar names. As legalization becomes a worldwide topic, look for Australia’s often forward-thinking government to make the right decision. Enjoy one of these common weed strains in Australia on your next visit!

What are some of the best sativa medical strains in Australia?

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant strain with a reputation for being uplifting. Due to its ability to lift the mood, it is frequently suggested for patients who are suffering from depression, weariness, and stress. A lack of appetite and pain can both be alleviated by it.
Super Silver Haze: Known for its stimulating properties, it may be helpful for ailments like despair, exhaustion, and discomfort.
Green Crack: Despite having a questionable moniker, this strain is adored for its energizing qualities. Stress, depression, and exhaustion may all be improved.

What are some of the best medical indica strains in Australia?

The following 10 are some of the more well-known indica or indica-dominant strains that have been recognized for their therapeutic qualities and are common in Australia.

Northern Lights: One of the most well-known indica strains, Northern Lights is frequently suggested for its calming and sedative properties. Pain, stress, and insomnia might be improved by it.

Granddaddy Purple (GDP): Known for its purple buds and grape-like aroma, GDP can provide relief from tension, discomfort, and muscular spasms. People who want to increase their appetite also utilize it.

Blueberry: This traditional indica strain, which has a pleasant berry aroma, is utilized for relaxation but also has pain-relieving and stress-relieving properties.

Afghan Kush: This strain, which comes from the Hindu Kush mountains, has been used for relaxation and pain relief for centuries.

Mango Kush: This strain's luscious mango scent is in keeping with its name. It is well-known for its calming properties and may be helpful for people who are anxious, have trouble sleeping, or need pain relief.

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Bubba Kush: This strain is a strong indica that is frequently used to treat insomnia, pain, and stress. It can promote relaxation.

Blackberry Kush: This kind can help with both physical and mental suffering. It is frequently chosen because of its capacity to reduce pain and sleeplessness.

Purple Kush: Distinguished by its rich purple foliage, this strain is popular for pain relief and sleeplessness because of its deeply calming effects.

Lavender: Known for its relaxing effects and floral perfume, lavender is frequently used to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and prevent insomnia.

Critical Kush is a powerful indica that may be useful for reducing stress, increasing relaxation, and enhancing sleep.

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