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close up of marijuana strains, dark green strain names

Dark Green Strains

All the rage about purple, pink, golden, and “special” colored buds shade out the best dark green strain names in the cannabis world.

While the uniqueness of different color marijuana is a sight to see, nothing beats those forest-green nugs that look like nature bottled up into one dense bud of cannabis goodness!

Forget the best purple strains, let’s look at the best dark green strains!

The Colors Of Cannabis

The colors featured on a bud, while pretty, don’t alter the effects of the experience. Many colors, like the purples and blues featured in many strains, are simply a by-product of cold temperatures during the early stages of flowering.

But, with the green in cannabis buds, there is a distinct visual difference between lime green and dark green. Sure, the effects aren’t necessarily different.

But, the bag-appeal can make or break a sale no matter how good a Budtender is trying to sell their special of the week!

The Best Dark Green Strain Names Available

Hundreds, if not thousands, of cannabis strains feature dark green buds.

To make things more fun, we narrowed down our list to only include strains with the word “Green” included in the name. This should help expose some of the more rare strains on the market to expand your horizons!

Green Goblin

This phenotype of Green Crack offers forest-green nugs that deliver a mixture of musky skunk and pungent diesel strain smells. It’s energizing and dreamy throughout the experience and melts off into a relaxing body-high at the end.

Green Skunk

A cross between Green Crack and Skunk #1 brings this green beauty to us. Skunky spice and herbal citrus dominate its essence.

The high creeps up with an energy boost and creativity and then fades off into sedation towards the end, making it a wonderful sidekick at evening social functions.

Green Queen

Yet another offspring of Green Crack, this time it was crossed with Space Queen. These deep green buds will deliver mental and physical energy without being too racy.

The essence is slightly sweet and features skunk, citrus, and pepper. This wonderful hybrid takes the best from both of its parents to become a great dark green weed strain.

God’s Green Crack

I’m sure you are seeing a pattern here with the parent-strains to these “green” named strains. Green Crack is crossed with God Bud to bring cerebral energy and physical relaxation.

While cold temperatures during flowering will quickly turn these buds purple, if temperatures remain steady they should turn out as a beautiful green.

Green Line OG

This unique strain is the result of crossing Ghost OG and Lime Skunk. This is a happy hybrid weed strain that delivers fluffy forest green buds.

The experience is relaxing and uplifting and consumers will love the lime flavor with the aromatic profile of earthy skunk and citrus.


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Green Python

Crossing Green Crack and Burmese results in indica-dominant hybrid strain Green Python. It delivers more relaxation than most Green Crack offspring. The sweet and spicy kush essence is apparent in this rare bud.

House Of Funk Genetics gets the credit for bringing this wonderful offspring to life!

Green Kush

Not to be confused with Green Cush, which is the more positive name used to describe the Green Crack strain, Green Kush is the result of crossing Green Crack and Purple Kush.

The high in this sativa strain will last up to two hours and can bring on a rush of energy followed by a sense of sedation. This makes it great for evening activities followed by a good night’s rest!

The aroma features pine and diesel. The flavor is spicy, sweet, and earthy.

Green Lantern

While there is some debate on what Green Lantern may have originally been bred from, the new-age Green Lantern strain is a cross of Green Crack and White Rhino. The essence is dominated by sweet and spicy lemon and pine.

This potent strain's high hits quickly and sends you off on a deep psychoactive cerebral journey. Most consumers don’t even notice the body-high effects because their imagination is running wild!

Green Love Potion

This is another strain that can turn purple with the right temperatures during flowering, but it can also stay deep green in warmer climates.

Green Love Potion is the result of crossing Black Domina and Lavender. The small buds are drenched in resin and feature an essence of mint, lavender, and hash.

Green Monster

Said to be a cross of OG Kush, Purple Urkle, and Killer Queen, this is not a strain for those prone to anxiety or paranoia. A few hits of this dark green bud can easily send you down the rabbit hole where you lose your sense of self if you aren’t careful.

The aroma is pungent and piney while the flavor is a mixture of lemon candy and woody diesel.

Green Magic

Crossing Green Manalishi with White Choco gets you this indica-leaning hybrid pot strain. Sweet and spicy chocolate and coffee dominate the essence of Green Magic.

The long-lasting high kicks in after a few minutes with cerebral euphoria and total relaxation that can induce couch-lock for many consumers. It’s a favorite among medicinal marijuana users.

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Green Cheese

Crossing Green Crack and a specific phenotype of the legendary Cheese strain gets you Green Cheese. While the name sounds unappetizing, the flavor profile resembles cream cheese with citrus notes on the exhale, which is quite enjoyable.

However, the high provides racy energy for hours and can easily lead to a frenzy of anxiety and paranoia. Leave this one alone if you are prone to these conditions when consuming marijuana!

Green Haze

Green Haze is typically a mixture of light and dark green. A.C.E. Seeds is responsible for this wonderful cannabis strain.

The floral diesel mixture in the essence pairs well with the upbeat energizing high that can almost reach psychedelic levels for consumers with a low tolerance for THC.

Know Of Any More Dark Green Strain Names?

If you know of any more dark green strain names that include the word “Green” in the name, let us know. We are all Budtenders at heart when learning about cannabis strains and what they have to offer for recreational and medicinal consumers.

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