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Hitgirl Strain

Hitgirl strain is a wonderful cannabis strain that came out of the Seattle cannabis market. This marijuana strain isn’t all that common at the moment, so finding bud or seeds to grow for yourself is rare.

However, if this does come to your local dispensary or seed bank, you’ll want to pick some up after reading this review for sure!

Hitgirl Strain Genetics

Is Hitgirl strain indica or sativa?

It is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by Jinxproof Genetics. It is the resulting strain from crossing Jinxproof Genetic’s own 9 Pound Hammer and Bloodwreck.

9 Pound Hammer

9 lb Hammer is a wonderful indica that put Jinxproof on the map for many cannabis consumers. It delivers a beautiful essence of grape and lime in the dense, resin-coated buds. The experience is heavy-hitting and long-lasting, making the perfect combination for cannabis connoisseurs who need a little more than entry-level strains can offer.

It has been used to parent many other child strains to take advantage of the blissful genetics. Some of the more common derivative strains are Safety Meeting and Shangri-La.


Bloodwreck, sometimes labeled as Blood Wreck, is another indica-dominant hybrid strain. This strain is much rarer than 9 Pound Hammer, however, which may be a leading factor in the limited supply of Hitgirl genetic availability.

It delivers an experience with spacey wandering cerebral effects and easing sedation that melts through your physical presence.

Bloodwreck hasn’t been used to parent as many strains as 9 lb Hammer, but it has produced Timewreck, which is an award-winning strain in its own right.

Availability Of Hitgirl Genetics

Hitgirl is hard to come by in seed and clone form. It can be difficult to get your hands on some of this rare bud from local dispensaries.

Since this is a newer strain, there is still a large chance that it can take off like 9 lb Hammer did for Jinxproof Genetics. Keep it on your shopping list and whenever you get the chance to buy seeds, clones, or just some bud, do so!

Derivative Strains

Dank Breeds knew that Hitgirl had something to offer and that 9 Pound Hammer is a home-run-hitter. So, why not cross them? This crossing resulted in Bloody Hammer and brings the best of Hitgirl into more of a 9 lb Hammer-based strain.

Jinxproof Genetics also wanted to expand with Hitgirl and crossed it with Dark Side Of The Moon to create the weed strain Legit. It’s a 65/35 indica-dominant strain with heavy yields.

Hitgirl Strain Yield

Hitgirl can be grown indoors and outdoors. If growing outdoors, it prefers a warm and sunny environment without a lot of precipitation or humidity. The plants reach medium heights and are easy to grow.

They respond well to all types of training and growing techniques, making it perfect for beginners if you can get your hands on growing stock!

The exact yields aren’t well known since not too many growers have had the chance to grow Hitgirl on a large scale. Jinxproof Genetics claims that Hitgirl has heavy yields, which is ambiguous but promising nonetheless.

Hitgirl Strain Flowering Time

The flowering period for Hitgirl will last 7-8 weeks to reach optimal maturity in the buds.

The leaves on these plants will turn a beautiful purple color if low temperatures are present during the early stages of flowering. These same purple hues will make their way into the buds as well.

The lime green colors can accentuate the purples on the leaves and buds as well, creating a beautiful contrast. The large buds are fluffy and drenched in resinous trichomes that show off the potency that this strain has to offer.

THC Percentage

The average THC percentages for Hitgirl lands somewhere around 21-22%, making it a perfect mid-level cannabis strain that can hit very hard for those who consume a little too much.

This strain produces psychoactive effects. It is best reserved for evening usage to take advantage of the relaxing effects.

The high starts with cerebral effects that put you at ease but can aid creativity as well. However, this cerebral boost in creativity isn’t helped by the body relaxation experienced once the high creeps into your physical form.

Euphoria and catching a case of the giggles are typical when consuming Hitgirl.

Flavor & Aroma

This strain is said to resemble the classic strain Fruit Loops in its essence. The terpene profile stands out and makes for great concentrates from Hitgirl as well. The flavor is sweet and fruity at first, with subtle hints of earthy diesel. Pine and berry take over throughout the exhale. The flavor is quite enjoyable.

Terpene Profile

The terpene profile hasn’t been analyzed through lab data at the time of writing this review. However, the aroma, flavor, and effect point to the presence of terpenes like Limonene, Myrcene, and Pinene. 9 Lb Hammer is rich in Myrcene and Pinene, so there is a high chance that Hitgirl is as well.

This combination of terpenes can help fight pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation, making for quite the medicinal aid.

Medical Conditions This Pot Strain Can Help

Those looking for relief through the medicinal use of Hitgirl will be pleased to know that it can help in treating the following conditions:

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  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • ADHD
  • Chronic Pain

As this strain becomes more popular and widespread, more medicinal benefits will be discovered!

Hitgirl Strain Price

Hitgirl strain on average is $15-$20 per gram, $55-65 per 1/8th oz, $100-$110 per 1/4 ounce, and $200-$220 per 1/2 oz.

Final Words On The Hitgirl Weed Strain

Jinxproof Genetics put together 9 Pound Hammer for the world to enjoy, and they seem to have hit another home run with Hitgirl. Expect this strain to gain more notoriety over the coming years as more cannabis consumers are exposed to this wonderful bud.

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