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The Lemon Diesel strain aka Lemon Sour Diesel comes from massive genetics. The importance of finding a strain that makes you more productive can change your relationship with marijuana. A few tokes can help you take your productivity to the next level if your energy levels are waning. 

The potency of the strain can be enjoyed by most regular smokers. Below will fill you in on smoking and growing the Lemon Diesel marijuana strain. 

Lemon Diesel Marijuana Strain Genetics

Is Lemon DIesel strain an Indica or Sativa?

Lemon Diesel is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid of Lost Coast OG and California Sour. You will be relaxed yet energized which is why this can help you knock out chores in a timely manner. The hybrid truly delivers the best aspects of both the Indica and Sativa lineages. 

Lost Coast OG comes in at a massive 26 percent THC so it should only be reserved for experienced stoners. The strain has effects that align with its Indica lineage. Expect a very happy high along with a sense of focus you will enjoy. 

California Sour is a strain you need to smoke when looking to get motivated to do something. You will truly enjoy the sour tang of lemon with this strain. The potency can reach up to 20 percent THC which is quite potent. 

Lemon Diesel Strain Yield 

Lemon Diesel can be grown indoors or outdoors and has a great yield. You can expect 2 ounces per square foot indoors. You can expect up to 20 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. 

Setting a grow up is so important when it comes to lights, soil mixture, and quality seeds. The right setup can allow for a great yield and convenient growing. Check out some resources online to help you get your first grow setup in the best way possible. 

Lemon Diesel Pot Strain Flowering Time 

The flowering phase of Lemon Diesel lasts 9 to 10 weeks. The nugs are shaped like a spade and quite dense. The buds are deep green with orange hairs as well as a great covering of yellow/golden trichomes.

Growing Lemon Diesel can be perfect for your first grow or if you have only grown a few times before. You won’t have to worry about a number of issues that occur with other strains. The yield is so high that a few mistakes can be made and the yield will still be relatively healthy. 

THC Content Of The Lemon Diesel Strain 

man holding lemon diesel weed strain isolated on yellow

Lemon Diesel has 15 to 20 percent THC. On the lower end, most consumers can comfortably smoke this strain without getting too high. Keep a nice cold drink around as you might be incredibly thirsty after smoking this strain. 

Flavor And Aroma Of Lemon Diesel Weed

The flavor of Lemon Diesel is of diesel, fruit, and citrus. The aroma is similar with notes of diesel and fruit being present. The terpenes in this strain are Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Ocimene. 

Caryophyllene can help reduce pain signals almost immediately and is great for decreasing inflammation. You will notice a spicy flavor that you will recognize in Lemon Diesel. Ice Cream Cake and Mango Tango are two strains with this powerful terpene. 

Myrcene will have an earthy flavor of wood. You can expect to relax after consuming this terpene both mentally and physically. Grape Ape and Granddaddy Purp are two legendary strains with this terpene. 

Ocimene has the aroma of herbs and a nice fruity flavor. This terpene is great when it comes to getting a burst of energy. Strains that contain this fruity terp are Blue Dream and Biohazard. 

Finding a strain that makes your mouth water can be very advantageous. You can feed your sweet tooth without worrying about taking in calories. Strains with a lemon flavor are among the most popular in the cannabis industry. 

Price Of Lemon Diesel Marijuana

Lemon Diesel is widely available so there should not be a challenge locating it at a dispensary. 1/8th of an ounce is going to cost $35 to 40. The full oz. will cost anywhere from $180 to $200. Take the time to shop around as dispensaries can differ vastly in pricing. 

Prices are going to be impacted by so many variables including the cultivation company. There are cultivators that are known for driving up the potency of classic strains. Taxes also differ by the state which is why some states have far cheaper weed than others. 

Lemon Diesel Weed Seeds 

A number of seed banks carry this strain due to the popularity of Lemon Diesel. You cannot have seeds mailed to you legally although some seed banks will still send you the seeds. The last thing you want is legal trouble due to trying to acquire something you can easily do legally. 

Finding seeds legally should not present the largest challenge. Heading to a dispensary is likely your best bet unless you know someone personally growing this strain. Getting cuttings from a healthy plant can help reduce the time it takes to harvest

Medical Conditions Lemon Diesel Can Help 

Marijuana provides a better quality of life for patients that utilize it. There are a number of conditions that marijuana strains can treat. Lemon Diesel can help the following medical conditions: 

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  • ADD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Stress

There is very little in terms of CBD in Lemon Diesel. This does not mean that it cannot help people medically but should not be used for people that have serious conditions that require CBD like epilepsy.

Final Words On The Lemon Diesel Weed Strain 

The Lemon Diesel strain can help you get up and go on those days you just want to stay in bed. Growing a strain can be a rewarding experience as you know what is in your marijuana and the care that went into growing it. 

Diesel strains have that traditional gas aroma that is usually associated with potent strains. What is your favorite Diesel strain you have tried? For this author, Blue City Diesel strain would have to be the choice.

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Gavin Kushman

Gavin is a worldly adventurer and cannabis connoisseur, embarking on journeys that take him to the far corners of the globe to explore and document the varied effects, flavors, and histories of both renowned and lesser-known strains. From the misty high-altitude farms of the Hindu Kush highlands to the vibrant cannabis cafes of Amsterdam, Gavin's quest for knowledge spans continents. A recognized authority in the cannabis industry, he frequently lends his expertise to leading publications such as Cannabis Training University, where his captivating blog articles chronicle his unique experiences with different cannabis strains.

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