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Milk and Cookies is a strain that lives up to its name in terms of its flavor. The genetics of strains today would make stoners of the past salivate with all of the flavors and potent strains available now. 

Researching any strain is going to be very important whether you are smoking it or growing it. Below is the information that you will need to know about the Milk and Cookies strain review. 

Milk And Cookies Marijuana Strain Genetics

Is Milk and Cookies strain an Indica or Sativa?

Milk and Cookies is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid of Cookies N Cream and Triple OG. You will be relaxed by in no way sedated and able to relax for hours. You will feel pain leave your body and might even have a tingly sensation. 

Cookies and Cream has up to 26 percent THC which is why it should be reserved for experienced smokers. Expect this high to last quite a long time and it does not creep up on you. The flavor of sweet vanilla will definitely win any consumer over. 

Triple OG is going to get you incredibly high at up to 30 percent THC. The sedation that you’ll feel from this strain will allow you to fall asleep. You will feel a nice warm wave of relaxation wash over you. 

Milk And Cookies Weed Strain Yield

Milk and Cookies can present some challenges to growers although it can be grown indoors or outdoors. Indoors you can expect 1 to 1.5 ounces per square foot. Outdoors a grower will see 12 to 15 ounces per plant. 

Take the time to look at grow diaries before and during your grow. You might find you are encountering similar issues to another grower that they overcame. The internet is a wealth of information about marijuana but you should remember there are quite a few conflicting opinions about growing weed. 

Milk And Cookies Pot Strain Flowering Time

up close of cannabis plant, milk and cookies strain

The flowering phase of Milk and Cookies last 7 to 8 weeks. The appearance of the strain is appealing as it has deep green nugs with a red coloration. The trichomes are golden and quite prevalent on each nug. 

Growing marijuana is something that needs to be done with care and research. You do not want to attempt to grow a strain only to find out your climate will not allow it to thrive outdoors.

The setup of your grow needs to align with the needs of the strain that you are growing. The soil mixture along with nutrients used should be something you use consistently. You might find that using less in terms of nutrients can be better at times for particular strains.

THC Content Of The Milk And Cookies Strain

Milk and Cookies is quite potent with 20 to 26 percent THC. For this reason, you should not smoke this strain if you have just started smoking weed. Getting too high can be extremely uncomfortable and is a waste of money if you do not enjoy yourself. 

Flavor And Aroma Of Milk And Cookies Weed

The flavor and aroma are extremely similar with notes of cream, nuts, and a sour tang. The terpenes in this strain are Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene. 

Caryophyllene has a spicy flavor that can almost be noticed immediately. The terpene helps reduce pain in the body and decreases pain signals. Jack Frost and Gushers are two very potent strains with this incredible terpene. 

Myrcene has the taste of earth that you will enjoy. You will feel the worry and tension leave your mind and body. Wedding Cake and Lemon Diesel both contain Myrcene at high levels. 

Limonene has the flavor of lemons which makes it a favorite for some smokers. You will see your stress and anxiety melt away. Garlic Cookies and Mimosa are two popular strains that contain Limonene. 

Price Of Milk And Cookies Marijuana

Milk and Cookies is relatively rare when compared to other strains. You can expect 1/8th of an ounce to cost $45 to $50. A full ounce is going to cost around $340. Shop around online so you can stretch your dollar and get the best deal possible. 

Taxes play a huge role in how much weed costs on average in certain states. The taxes have been so high that some people would rather go to a black market deal to save money weekly. The important aspect to note is buying in bulk can be the way to get the most weed for the cheapest price. 

Milk And Cookies Weed Seeds

Milk and Cookies weed seeds are available online but you should not have these shipped. Most people do not realize this if they live in a legal state. You can face legal issues if you are caught having marijuana seeds sent in the mail. 

It is important to note that receiving marijuana seeds in the mail is illegal. You do not want to risk potential fines or incarceration for something you could purchase legally. Go to a dispensary or fellow grower

Medical Conditions Milk And Cookies Can Help 

Cannabis has come to the forefront of the medical community. The beauty of cannabis is that it can come in so many forms to take. Milk and Cookies can help with the following medical conditions:

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  • Chronic Pain
  • Cramps
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Stress

Milk and Cookies is not going to astound anyone with its CBD content. Taking CBD daily can help with a plethora of issues that span various body systems. Find lab-tested products as you want to make sure you can dose your CBD appropriately. 

Final Words On The Milk And Cookies Weed Strain 

Milk and Cookies is a strain that you should definitely invest in if available. You will see this strain at your dispensary at some point in time. Take the time to find seeds from a reputable resource to ensure you are getting what you have paid for.

Milk and Cookies is a strain that is delicious yet potent. What is a strain that delivered potency and flavor that you truly loved?

Gavin Kushman. Cannabis strain writer in a cannabis garden
Gavin Kushman

Gavin is a worldly adventurer and cannabis connoisseur, embarking on journeys that take him to the far corners of the globe to explore and document the varied effects, flavors, and histories of both renowned and lesser-known strains. From the misty high-altitude farms of the Hindu Kush highlands to the vibrant cannabis cafes of Amsterdam, Gavin's quest for knowledge spans continents. A recognized authority in the cannabis industry, he frequently lends his expertise to leading publications such as Cannabis Training University, where his captivating blog articles chronicle his unique experiences with different cannabis strains.

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