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The Purple Wookies strain is one that people might have to try simply because of its name. All strains seem to have a hybrid that mentions a color whether it is Granddaddy Purple or Blue Dream. The strains that are being created today are incredible as breeders no longer have to operate underground. 

The strain might not be for those without much experience with cannabis. You never want to have to console a person after smoking as it is a complete disaster when it comes to your high.

The strain isn’t massively potent but keeping consumption under control for beginners is important. Below will highlight the information you need to know about smoking and growing the Purple Wookies weed strain. 

Purple Wookies Strain Genetics

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Is Purple Wookies strain an Indica or Sativa?

Purple Wookies is a hybrid of Purple Unicorn and Wookie 15. Toke a bit then wait as the strain is one that might take a bit for the entire high to hit you. You might find that this strain is perfect before bed as it leads to your entire body feeling heavy. 

Purple Unicorn is a potent strain so do not let the name fool you as it sports up to 25 percent THC. The strain can be a sociable one or a great strain if you simply want to get lost in your thoughts. You will also feel negative thoughts being removed from your mind even if it is only for a short period. 

Wookie 15 is a great strain for those that want to relax and be creative. The 20 percent THC makes it quite potent. Expect a mint and musk aroma/flavor with this strain.

Yield Of The Purple Wookies Marijuana Strain

Purple Wookies has a yield of 2 ounces per square foot indoors. Outdoors you can expect a little under a pound per plant come harvest time. Yields will always be impacted by the genetics of seeds or cuttings that you find. Soil mixture as well as the lighting setu will also help drive up a yield. 

Flowering Phase Of Purple Wookies Pot

The flowering phase of Purple Wookies lasts 50 to 60 days. The appearance of this strain is a light green with orange/yellow hairs. There are purple undertones along with a decent number of trichomes considering it is not the most potent strain. 

A true challenge might be finding cuttings or a grower that is even growing this rare strain. Reaching out to online communities might allow you to find a grower in your area willing to make a trade. 

THC Content Of The Purple Wookies Strain

Purple Wookies has 10 to 16 percent THC. The strain can be great for beginners although everyone needs to make sure they don’t overconsume. 10 percent THC can be the perfect level for a beginner before they start increasing the potency of the strains they try. 

Flavor And Aroma Of The Purple Wookies Marijuana Strain

The flavor and aroma both have hints of berries and chocolate. The terpene profile of this strain consists of Caryophyllene, Ocimene, and Pinene.

Caryophyllene is the terpene you want to use if you want relief from pain, inflammation, or even anxiety. The spicy taste is one that most consumers instantly recognize. Gorilla Glue #4 and White Widow are two famous strains that contain Caryophyllene. 

Ocimene has a sweet taste of fruit and wood. Consumers state that they feel a fresh sense of energy and an uplifted mood with this terpene. Lemon Diesel and Wedding Cake are very potent strains that contain this terp. 

Pinene is linked with more CBD in the strains where it is present. You are going to get a taste and aroma of pine which is not a surprise considering the terpene’s name. Two strains with this terpene are Mango Tango and White Runtz. 

Price Of Purple Wookies Weed

Bodhi Seeds created this strain and seeds are very rare to find feminized. For 1/8th of an ounce, you can expect to pay $43 to $50 per 1/8th. You will be able to save money by purchasing in bulk as a full ounce costs around $300 to $320. City and state taxes could impact the price which is something you need to keep in mind. 

Purple Wookies Pot Strain Seeds 

Feminized seeds of Purple Wookies are not available online but there are seeds. Seed Finder does have these available but there is a legal issue. A seed bank cannot legally send cannabis seeds as it is federally illegal.

The last thing anyone wants is to be arrested just for having seeds mailed. The other option you have is to find cuttings or seeds at a dispensary. 

Medical Conditions Purple Wookies Can Help

Marijuana is a miracle medicine for some that could not find relief from traditional pharmaceuticals. Using flower or oils have helped people with conditions that differ drastically. Purple Wookies can help with the following medical conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain

The CBD content in Purple Wookies is not going to be enough to treat some conditions. What you need to remember is that THC has medicinal benefits. The only drawback for some consumers is that THC is what gets a person high. 

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Final Words On The Purple Wookies Weed Strain 

Purple Wookies is a strain so good it could turn Luke Skywalker to the dark side. Finding cuttings is your best option as you don’t want to waste time with seeds that could end up being males. A male plant can wreak havoc on female plants and completely destroy a grow. 

Do not underestimate the importance of doing your own research before growing a strain. Platforms like Reddit have experienced growers that might be able to help your situation if you are struggling to grow a strain. Weed growing training is also a great option if you want to take your marijuana cultivation to the next level. 

Purple Wookies sounds like a second-rate spinoff from Star Wars. What is your favorite strain that reminds you of a movie, is it Willy Wonka

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