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The Space Candy strain is one that you will have to try in the near future. The strain is relatively popular due to its effects and flavor. The likelihood of you running into this strain in some type of product during your next dispensary visit is quite high. 

Below will cover everything that you need to know about the Space Candy marijuana strain. 

Space Candy Marijuana Strain Genetics

Is Space Candy strain an Indica or Sativa?

Space Candy is a balanced hybrid of Cotton Candy and Space Queen. You will be filled with happiness and this is a great social strain. Look for stress to melt away and for you to have some mental energy added to your day. 

Cotton Candy strain has up to 22 percent THC and a flavor of candy and fruit. You will be calmed yet happy mentally and motivated creatively. The genetics of this strain are quite complex which adds to its appeal. 

Space Queen is only moderately potent at around 15 percent THC. You are going to get a jolt of energy and euphoria with this strain. The flavors are citrus, fruit, and herbs that you taste on each exhale.  

Space Candy Weed Strain Yield

field of cannabis plants close up, space candy strain

Space Candy can be grown indoors or outdoors. You might have an easier time finding seeds or clippings in Colorado as this is where the strain originated. Indoors you can expect up to 2 ounces per square foot. Outdoors you will see around 600 grams per plant which is quite a large yield. 

Yield all depends on the strain that you are growing as some might yield as little as 100 grams per plant. The genetics of the strain also are very important as the strain’s genetics could be aimed at a larger harvest. 

Space Candy Pot Strain Flowering Time

The flowering phase of Space Candy is going to last 6 to 8 weeks. The nugs are small, dense, and light green. Expect orange hairs and a thick coating of amber trichomes. 

Growing marijuana needs to be done with the right setup with the appropriate amount of space. Growing outdoors also presents a security risk if growing strains that are known to be massively pungent during the flowering phase. White Widow is a great example of a strain that is very hard to conceal when grown outdoors. 

THC Content Of The Space Candy Strain

The potency of Space Candy is relatively high as it has a range between 18 and 22 percent THC. You want to find strains that you can enjoy without overconsuming. You do not want to spend money to get high and anxious or paranoid. There is a perfect level of THC for everyone, you just have to find what works best for you. 

Flavor And Aroma Of Space Candy

The flavor and aroma are similar with notes of candy, apple, cherry, and berry. The terpenes in this strain are Bisabolol, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. 

Bisabolol is quite soothing on the skin and hair. The aroma is floral and the terpene helps induce relaxation. Two strains that have this terpene at high levels are Cereal Milk and Purple Punch. 

Myrcene is the terpene you should look for whether you want to relax your mind or body. The relaxation factor is why this terpene is great for treating insomnia. Sour Diesel is a famous strain that has a multitude of Myrcene in it. 

Caryophyllene has a spicy flavor and the ability to reduce pain signals in the body. You might also see a reduction in inflammation. Strains that contain this potent terpene are Zelda and Yoda OG.

Price Of Space Candy Marijuana 

The price of Space Candy runs around $42 to $48 per 1/8th of an ounce. The full ounce is going to cost $320 to $330. The strain is not the most affordable or potent which can be a drawback to some consumers.

The prices of certain products fluctuate due to the inventory a dispensary has. This can also be impacted by the demand in a state and how much marijuana is being cultivated. The demand for marijuana is massive in certain states that also have a healthy tourism industry. 

Space Candy Weed Seeds 

The Seed Connect and Pacific Seed Bank both have feminized Space Candy marijuana seeds. The one aspect you should be aware of is that getting seeds in the mail is federally illegal in the United States. A legal state should not present too many challenges when it comes to getting seeds.

Finding other growers that you could meet at competitions or industry events can be important. Trading cuttings of a plant is a very popular way to create a diverse crop during the growing season. Having a few growers that you can ask questions if you are stumped is also an invaluable resource. 

Medical Conditions Space Candy Can Help

Medical marijuana programs come before recreational programs in most states. The benefits of marijuana being revealed help make it easier for politicians to accept recreational marijuana due to the massive tax revenue numbers. Space Candy strain can help with the following medical conditions: 

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  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Migraines
  • Seizures
  • Stress

The CBD content in this strain is not too high but there is a myriad of medical benefits of Space Candy. There is always the option of supplementing CBD in one of its many forms. Take time to find a CBD product that aligns with your tastes and lifestyle. 

Final Words On The Space Candy Weed Strain

Space Candy is a strain that you are likely to see at some point in the dispensary. Take the time to figure out whether this strain is for you and whether you want to take the challenge on of growing it. Growing weed is something that takes time and costs money so you should grow strains you truly enjoy. 

Space Candy is a strain that intrigues simply because of the name. You think about blasting off into a state of bliss. What is a strain that you picked up just because of the name?

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