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This Strawberry Banana strain review will show you the details behind this cannabis strain that gives it it’s unique properties. Thisstrain is a popular cannabis strain for a variety of reasons.

The west coast cannabis industries are chock-full of Strawberry Banana marijuana products, from flower to concentrates.

Here at Cannabis Training University, we are dedicated to getting you the best reviews and guides to the most popular strains on the market. So, let’s learn more about Strawberry Banana weed!

Strawberry Banana Strain Genetics

Is Strawberry Banana strain an Indica or Sativa?

The Strawberry Banana cannabis strain is a hybrid breed leaning towards Indica genetics. It is a cross of Banana Kush and the Strawberry phenotype of Bubblegum. This cannabis strain is also known as Strawnana in some dispensaries.

DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds collaborated to bring the Strawberry Banana weed strain to life.

Banana Kush, a parent of Strawberry Banana, is a hybrid itself. It is a cross of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. Banana Kush is known for its banana aroma and its euphoric high that is great for chilling out and relaxing after a tough day.

The Bubblegum strain is a hybrid as well. It is a cross between Indiana Bubblegum and an unknown strain with Indica genetics. Due to the unknown nature of Bubblegum’s origins, there are many phenotypes within the weed strain.

The Strawberry phenotype was specifically chosen to breed with Banana Kush to create the Strawberry Banana pot genetics.

The genetic profile created a cannabis strain that produces ample resin, high THC levels, and a sweet, fruity flavor resembling its name.

The Strawberry Banana weed strain has gone on to produce a few high-level child strains as well: Gummy Bears and Peach Cobbler.

Both of these child strains are crossed with two other strains, meaning Strawberry Banana lends less than half of the genetic pool to these child strains.

Strain Yield

The Strawberry Banana marijuana strain is a good choice for beginner growers looking to utilize a genetic line that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing.

For outdoor growing, conditions should be slightly humid and around 70 degrees. Colder temperatures at night during the flowering season will bring out the purple hues in the buds.

If you are grow this strain indoors, you can artificially shock your plants close to harvest time with low temperatures to bring out the purple hues that create the beautiful buds this weed strain is known for.

It is known to produce around 42-51 grams of bud per square foot of plant. It is a heavy feeder and does well when topped to create more lateral growth.

The strain can thrive in the right conditions and produce resin-heavy buds perfect for those looking to make concentrates.

Strawberry Banana Strain Flowering Time

Whether Strawberry Banana is grown indoors or outdoors, the flowering time remains the same. 60-70 days is needed for mature buds, while 63 is the standard flowering time.

Growing conditions and climate will affect whether or not the buds reach optimal maturity in exactly 63 days or not.

To optimize your weed harvest, cure your flower by hanging your buds upside down in 50% humidity and 70 degrees for about a week and moving to storage that promotes terpene and cannabinoid retention.

Strawberry Banana Weed Strain THC Content

Strawberry Banana weed is a high THC cannabis strain. As with any cannabis strain, different phenotypes will have slightly different cannabinoid levels, including THC. this strain is known to fall somewhere between 17-26% THC, with around 20-21% being the most common.

While the strain genetics play a large role as a limiter of total THC levels able to be obtained in a strain, there are other factors in play that can make or break a growing operation.

Things like maturity at harvest, the health of the individual plant, light exposure, nutrient and water availability, and the entire curing process all affect the end level of THC in a cannabis flower..

Purchasing cannabis products with verified genetics and reputable growing and processing facilities ensures that you can get the best cannabis available!

Strain Flavor & Aroma

up close of green cannabis plant, strawberry banana weed strain

The Strawberry Banana strain lives up to its name with a sweet strawberry flavor and aroma. It is known for its tropical flavor and sweet-but-earthy aroma as well.

Strawberry Banana marijuana is high in the terpenes, limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. The terpene profile lends itself well to the strains relaxing effects and ability to lower stress and anxiety.

Medical Conditions This Pot Strain Can Help

As mentioned, the Strawberry Banana pot is best utilized for those with high stress and anxiety levels. It is also a good strain choice for those suffering from depression. The terpene profile and genetics provide capable medicinal qualities for those needing a mental break.

It may also be a good choice for those in physical pain. Users have reported this marijuana strain to be useful for pain reduction, although these effects are not as widely seen as the mental medicinal benefits that Strawberry Banana cannabis can produce.

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Strawberry Banana Final Words

Hopefully, this strain review gave you the insight you desire on this wonderful cannabis strain. Strawberry Banana cannabis is high quality and can produce some of the best extracts available due to its heavy resin production.

You can find Strawberry Banana products all over the west coast and in popular cannabis markets like Colorado.

Do you want to learn more about the best cannabis strains ever made? Cannabis Training University has hundreds of strain reviews and guides to ensure you have the knowledge you need to pick and choose your favorite strains.

If you need more cannabis education, our professional resources will teach you even more!

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