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The Strawberry Cheesecake strain pays respects to what could be the best dessert of all time. Marijuana has become so much more potent than it was just a few decades ago.

For cannabis consumers that are looking for a strain that increase their tolerance while delivering a great taste, Strawberry Cheesecake can be a perfect strain. Use this strain to improve your productivity to dispel that myth that stoners are not productive after smoking.

Below will cover what you need to know about smoking and growing Strawberry Cheesecake.

Strawberry Cheesecake Strain Genetics

Is Strawberry cheesecake strain indica or sativa? Strawberry Cheesecake strain is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid of White Widow, Cheese, and Chronic. Expect a wave of motivation to hit you and your mind to be clear. This will wipe away your anxiety and have you ready to take on whatever you have to do during the day.

White Widow is a famous strain that is available at nearly every coffee shop in Amsterdam. This strain is one that will have you in a coughing fit well after you take a hit. You will have a clear mind while you are simultaneously relaxed.

Cheese strain can give you a jolt of energy but might be a bit too strong for a beginner in cannabis. You might get the spins or a headache if you consume too much of this strain without a tolerance. Expect your appetite to be stimulated and your mood to be uplifted with this classic strain.

Chronic is going to have an uplifting high that will leave you happy and relaxed. Expect the flavor of honey and pine upon the exhale. This strain can also address a lack of appetite in a consumer.

Finding strains that have similar effects and you can smoke during the day can change your life. Instead of relying on caffeine, you can spark up and find the energy/motivation you were looking for. Strains that have similar effects to Strawberry Cheesecake include Goat and Princess Leia.

Strawberry Cheesecake Strain Yield

Strawberry Cheesecake strain can be grown indoors or outdoors using a variety of methods. Indoors grows might be a better idea if you are worried about concealing your grow outdoors. This strain is incredibly pungent and different to hide.

Indoors you can expect is 1 to 2 ounces per square foot. Outdoors you can expect 2 to 3 ounces per square foot or close to 550 grams. 

The yield of this strain is moderate but quite healthy considering its flowering period. Take time to make sure that you are getting seeds with the best genetics possible. Trust online seed banks that have a great reputation for providing only quality seeds to their customers.

Strawberry Cheesecake Strain Flowering Time

The flowering period of Strawberry Cheesecake is 50 to 60 days.

The appearance of this bud is frosty with orange hairs. The nugs are relatively small with forest green leaves and the buds are quite dense.

THC Percentage Of The Strawberry Cheesecake Strain

The THC percentage of Strawberry Cheesecake strain is 19 to 22 percent. You will have quite a clear high that has hints of relaxation without any type of sedation. Beginners should toke with caution as you do not want to be uncomfortable as you can always smoke more. Use this strain when you are lacking energy to completely change your day.

Flavor And Aroma Of Strawberry Cheesecake

The flavor of this strain is berries, cheese, cream, and strawberry. The aroma is a mix of earthy and cheesy. The terpene profile of Strawberry Cheesecake is comprised of Humulene, Camphene, and Linalool.

Humulene helps relax the body and calm the mind. There are also anti-inflammatory properties when it comes to this terpene. Strains that contain this terpene at high levels include Crazy Glue and Alien Cookies.  

Camphene is found in a number of plants and has a piney aroma. The terpene is shown to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. Strains that are high in this terpene include Strawberry Kush and White Widow.

Linalool has a floral fragrance and strains that contain this terpene help with depression, anxiety, stress, and tension. Strains that contain this terpene include Alien Bubba and Strawberry Diesel.

Finding a certain flavor that you love in cannabis in strains with different effects can be great. Strains that are similar in terms of flavor include Frosted Cherry Cookies and Alaskan Thunder Fuck.

Medical Conditions Strawberry Cheesecake Strain Can Help

Marijuana has been shown to help people that have medical conditions that vary vastly. Medicating can be done by smoking, vaping, eating, or topically applying cannabis. Strawberry Cheesecake can help with the following medical conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritus
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Stress

CBD levels are low but this does have a diverse terpene and cannabinoid profile. Finding relief might be a trial and error process as everyone responds to cannabis differently. Speaking with a Master of Marijuana can help you find a strain that truly helps change your life.

Strawberry Cheesecake Strain Price

Strawberry Cheesecake strain price on average is $10-$15 per gram, $50-60 per 1/8th oz, $95-$105 per 1/4 ounce, and $195-$215 per 1/2 ounce.

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Final Verdict On The Strawberry Cheesecake Weed Strain

Finding seeds or flower of Strawberry Cheesecake should not be too difficult. This strain is going to continue to grow in popularity as it offers a flavor and effects that cannabis consumers love. The strain could be tough to grow for people without a good amount of growing experience.  

Getting the help of an experienced grower with your crop can drive up your yield and potency. These people can tell you what you are doing wrong as you simply could be watering your plants too often. There is such a thing as nutrient burn due to using too many nutrients when feeding your plants.

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