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The Sweet Tooth strain won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001 due to its superior Sativa high. If you have a sweet tooth for delicious marijuana strains then you are in luck. You are going to find a strain below that is potent while remaining delicious.

Sweet Tooth Strain Genetics

Is Sweet Tooth Strain Indica or Sativa you ask? Sweet Tooth is a 50/50 balanced hybrid of Afghani Indica, Nepalese Indica, and Hawaiian Sativa. Clear your schedule as you are going to feel lazy yet creative. You will also be quite happy and feel your mood improve.

white trichomes on marijuana plant, sweet tooth strain

Afghani Indica strain is one of the most popular ever in the cannabis community. Expect a relaxing high that also adds a sense of euphoria. Use this strain closer to when you go to bed as it has been used widely to treat insomnia.

Nepalese Indica is going to relax you while having the taste of lemons. This strain can grow up to 9 feet in height so it might be best to keep this as an outdoor strain. You might even find yourself a bit giggly after consuming this strain.

Hawaiian Sativa is going to give you a burst of energy in a high that is quite heady and without effects on the body. You might find that you are more motivated or created after consumption. The flavors of citrus are dominant in this strain that can sport around 21 percent THC.

Finding strains that have similar effects can allow you to find strains for every occasion. Strains that have similar effects to Sweet Tooth are Cherry Diesel and Vanilla Gorilla.


Sweet Tooth can be grown indoors or outdoors as it is a relatively easy strain to grow. The bud is going to be dense for those consumers that love grinding up dense nugs.

Indoors a grower can expect 2 to 3 ounces per square foot. Outdoors you can expect a smaller yield at 1 to 2 ounces per square foot or around 400 grams per plant. Yields are going to be impacted by the quality of the seed genetics you invest in. 

Yields are going to be the culmination of the entire grow with so many variables impacting the yield either minorly or majorly. The amount of fertilizer that you put into Sweet Tooth matters when it comes to its yield. Make sure you watch out for nutrient burn as this is a way that you can tell if you are giving your plants too many nutrients.

Flowering Time

The flowering period of Sweet Tooth is 7 to 9 weeks. Considering the indoor yield, this is a reasonable length of time for a plant to be in its flowering phase.  

The appearance is of rust of green with a solid covering of trichomes that appear to be amber.

Strains that are very similar in terms of growing to Sweet Tooth are The Church and Purple Power.

THC Percentage

The THC percentage of Sweet Tooth strain is 16 to 20 percent. This strain is never going to be consider low-potency although most experienced smokers should not have a problem with this potency.

Flavor And Aroma

The flavor is going to be of berries and candy. The aroma is going to be of sweet flowers. The terpene profile of Sweet Tooth is comprised of Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene, Camphene, and Bisabolol.

Myrcene has an earthy taste and can help immensely with insomnia. The terpene promotes a calm mind and body which can allow a person to fall asleep. Strains that contain this terpene at high levels include Jack Herer and Strawberry Cough.

Linalool helps a person relax by treating stress, tension, anxiety, and depression. The terpene has a flowery fragrance and a spicy taste. Strains that contain this terpene include Grape Stomper and Strawberry Diesel.  

Limonene is going to have a taste of lemons and an aroma to match. Strains that have this terpene at high levels include Blue Cheese and Green Crack. Expect a burst of energy and for it to reduce inflammation in your body.

Camphene has been shown to decrease inflammation and pain. There is a fresh aroma of pine needles. Jack Frost and Fruity Pebbles strains are high in this terpene.

Bisabolol is used in soaps, shampoos, and is found in a number of plants/trees. This terpene promotes relaxation which is why it is used to address anxiety and insomnia. Strains that contain this terpene at high levels include Lemon Tree and Dragon Fruit.

Sweet Tooth Strain Price

Sweet Tooth strain on average is $10-$15 per gram, $45-60 per 1/8th oz, $100-$120 per 1/4 ounce, and $200-$210 per 1/2 ounce.

Final Verdict On The Sweet Tooth Weed Strain

Sweet Tooth is a strain that you should find flower or seeds of and take advantage. You can enjoy this strain with nearly anyone and it can be perfect for a grower that doesn’t have a large amount of experience.

A popular hybrid cannabis strain with a strong indica dominance known for its delightfully sweet flavor and calming effects is called Sweet Tooth.

Key information regarding the Sweet Tooth strain is as follows:

Genetics: Three landrace strains—Hawaiian, Nepalese, and Afghani—combined to create Sweet Tooth, a hybrid between Hawaiian and Nepali strains. Its unique traits and strong genetic profile are a result of this combination.

THC Content: With an average THC content of 16–17%, it is fairly strong.

Effects: Sweet Tooth is recognized for producing a sedative and spastic high that occasionally escalates to bliss. Its 60% indica dominance means that it usually produces powerful indica effects, such as relaxation and sedation.

Flavor & Aroma: Sweet Tooth is a sweet and delightful smoke because, as its name implies, it has flavors evocative of candy, berries, and fruit. Its varied genetic origin also contributes to its sweet and flowery aroma.

Awards: Sweet Tooth's 2001 victory in the High Times Cannabis Cup was noteworthy and demonstrated the product's high caliber.

Visual appeal: The Sweet Tooth strain's plant has tall, dark green foliage with a pleasing rust and green color combination.

Resilience: Thanks to its tough heritage from its landrace progenitors, Sweet Tooth is a durable plant that grows well under a variety of growth environments.

Sweet Tooth is a well-liked option among cannabis connoisseurs due to its strong genetic heritage, sweet flavor, and pleasurable effects.

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