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Save money with DIY edibles and make your own delicious cannabis-infused recipes today!

You have probably heard that you can save money by making your own marijuana edibles (DIY edibles). But is it really worth it? How much money can you save?

We recently analyzed the cost savings for making your own cannabis do it yourself (DIY) edibles instead of buying them. Cannabis prices vary widely from state to state. For the purpose of this analysis, we used the average prices in Colorado.

Ingredient Amount Average Percent THC Average Price
Marijuana Flower 1 oz 20% $220
Cannabis Concentrate 7 gm 60% $245
Marijuana Edible 100 mg n/a $24

Table 1: Colorado Prices

At first glance, it might seem like buying a ready-made marijuana edible is an okay value for your money. After all, the average price for an edible is lower than the average price for an ounce of flower. But how many edibles can you make from raw marijuana ingredients?

DIY Cannabis Edibles Cost per Milligram

This table shows the approximate milligrams of cannabinoids you can expect to get when you make a marijuana tincture or cannabis infusion from your own raw materials. As you can see, the price per milligram is much lower when you make your own edibles.

Ingredient Process Yield (mg) Cost/10 mg
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Alcohol extraction (advanced) 5600 $0.39
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Alcohol extraction (basic) 4480 $0.49
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Infusion (advanced) 4480 $0.49
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Infusion (basic) 4480 $0.49
7 gm 60% concentrate @ $245 n/a 4200 $0.58
100 mg candy bar at $24 n/a 100 $2.40

Table 2: Price per 100 Milligram Edible

Marijuana Processing Equipment Cost

But what about hidden costs? How much does it cost to buy cannabis processing equipment? How long will it take to make marijuana-infused edibles?

This next table shows how much it costs to make a 10 mg edible at home. The estimate includes the cost of the raw materials and the cost of equipment. It also shows the approximate number of hours needed for each process.

Ingredient Process 1-Time Equip Cost Hours to Process Cost per 10 mg w/equipment
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Alcohol extraction (advanced) $450 24 $1.20
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Alcohol extraction (basic) $66 20 $0.64
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Infusion (butter, advanced) $365 24 $1.31
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Infusion (butter, basic) $115 24 $0.75
7 gm 60% concentrate@ $245 n/a 0 1 $0.58
100 mg edible @ $24 n/a 0 0 $2.40

Table 3: First Batch Cost per 10 Milligram Edible (Including Equipment)

As you can see, you can save money by making your own cannabis-infused edibles on the very first batch. This is true even when you include the price of the equipment in your cost! And remember, you only have to buy the equipment once. After the first batch, the cost per milligram will be the same as shown in Table 2.

Training Cost

But how long is it going to take to learn how to make cannabutter? Aren’t you going to lose money while you figure out the best way to make marijuana-infused products?

CTU can help! Our marijuana training programs are priced so low that you will STILL save money when you make your marijuana edibles—on the very first batch.

This table shows the price per 10 mg candy bar with equipment and training costs included. As you can see,, the price per 10-mg marijuana edible is LOWER than the price of a ready-made cannabis edible. This is true even when the one-time costs of equipment and training are added!



CTU Price 1st batch cost per 10 mg with equip & training
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Alcohol extraction (advanced) $247 $1.63
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Alcohol extraction (basic) $247 $1.19
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Infusion (advanced) $247 $1.86
1 oz 20% flower @ $220 Infusion (basic) $247 $1.30
7 gm 60% concentrate @ $245 n/a $247 $1.17
100 mg candy bar at $24 n/a 0 $2.40

Table 4: First Batch Cost per 10-Milligram Edible (Including Equipment and Training)

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The Best Choice for You

Now that you have the basic price information, which method of making marijuana edibles is best for you?

  • If you an occasional cannabis edible user, we recommend that you make your homemade cannabis edibles using marijuana extracts. Although the cost per cannabis edible is a bit higher with this method, concentrates are easy to use, and you don’t need any specialized equipment.
  • If you consume less than 100 mg of marijuana edibles per day, we recommend that you use a simple infusion or extraction method. These methods can be done with a minimum of specialized equipment and will yield 2.5 to 8 months’ worth of edibles from one ounce of cannabis.
  • If you are making edibles for multiple people or if you consume more than 100 mg per day, we recommend you upgrade to a more advanced infusion method. Advanced infusion methods require some specialized equipment and training, but you can infuse as much as 40,000 mg of THC at one time—enough to create four thousand 10-mg, cannabis-infused edibles at once.
  • If you want to get the most out of your raw materials for medical applications, we recommend that you upgrade to an advanced extraction method such as ethanol extraction using lab glass. Advanced extraction methods require specialized equipment and training but can extract approximately 20% more cannabinoids than other methods.

Whatever method you choose to create your cannabis-infused edibles, making your own DIY edibles is undeniably a better value than purchasing ready-made marijuana edibles from a dispensary. That’s the case even when you factor in the cost of equipment and training!

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