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Some Basic Rules Around Good Marijuana Product Packaging. Different forms of cannabis.

Some Basic Rules Around Good Cannabis Product Packaging

New cannabis growers are making sure that they join the cannabis industry before it explodes. Many of them are hoping that the rapid growth and society's acceptance of cannabis consumption will help them to capitalize on the industry. These newcomers and even cannabis veterans are going to have to undergo a learning curve as it relates to cannabis product packaging.

Branding and compliance also plays an integral role to cannabis product packaging, especially as it relates to customer choices and the quantities that are ordered. No matter the product that is being sold, these factors have been a significant aspect of the total cost of products. Here’s how packaging is defined:

  • The products will be kept safe
  • It is more convenient for the buyer
  • Seller shows an understanding for the compliance of regulations
  • Educates the consumer about the specific product
  • Reveals the effects of the product
  • Attracts potential customers with a compelling message for the company brand
  • Fits into a model that shows whether the company's operation is in only one state or nationwide

Cannabis growers across the board seem to be finding it challenging to meet these criteria since the cost of cannabis product processing and packaging is a misnomer.

The Rift

There is a rift between how the product is marketed to be sold and remaining compliant at the same time. The cost of cannabis product packaging for both the retailer and the dispensary owner tends to be where most of the costs lie. First of all, packaging has to meet the standards set by the cannabis industry. Most of these standards are put in place to keep the consumer safe. The seller has to endure the costs associated with making sure that safety is maintained. Food grade is another aspect of good cannabis product packaging so that everything can be kept fresh.


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Getting it Right

The cannabis industry is getting more competitive and so, sellers have to ensure that they have their ‘ducks in a row.' This means that you have to put out a product with the right packaging so that customers will feel confident that they are purchasing a good product. However, some growers are turning to less costly substitutes. Many of these less costly substitutes do not have certification or approval from the FDA.

Cannabis is ingestible whether you are selling edibles or flower. For that reason, it cannot be exposed. It has to be securely packaged in something that is not carcinogenic. So, cannabis growers must obtain certifiable paperwork showing the results of the test done on cannabis product packaging. The consumer wants to see whether the company failed or passed the test.

Bulk Products

The most common ways to save on cannabis product packaging is to sell or buy in bulk. However, this method can ‘back fire' because there are so many changes in the state laws and in market conditions. Some growers that invest heavily into cannabis product packaging might also find that as more growers come into the industry and marketing, pricing is competitive and so these growers may have to find cheaper ways to package their products. However, even if it is more economical, safety still has to be maintained.

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The Examples

Kush Bottles is a company that makes pharmaceutical vials and they have to make sure it is child safe. For that reason, cannabis product packaging for safety should be the main focus of the company. Another company that has to market their products with child resistance guidelines in place is Child Guard pods, which is produced by Presto.

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