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You’ll begin learning about a cannabis strain that has earned the nickname of “Headwrecker” among consumers in this 303 Headband review.

Coming from The Fire Department genetics, this strain is perfect for the heavy on-the-go smoker.

For light smokers, 303 Headband simply might be too much to function in certain environments. Lighter smokers looking to transition to the major leagues of smoking might want to look into 303 Headband as an option.

The 303 Headband Strain Genetics

The Fire Department lived up to its name when creating 303 Headband by producing a potent strain. The lineage of this strain comes from Deadhead OG, Pure Kush, and Sour Diesel. 303 Headband might not be for those people without experience to function at full capacity.

Headband 303 is a combination of the heavy-hitters in cannabis. Various Headband strains have won local and national contests due to its potency/taste/effects. The strain has been said to ward off stress, anxiety, and even help spur the appetite.

Sour Diesel is a parental strain of 303 Headband and could potentially be the most famous name in marijuana strains. Sour Diesel is infamous for being a Sativa that helps get the day going or one to sit back and relax while stimulating your mind.

The smell and pungent taste are that of ……..diesel. Sour Diesel could be the origin of cannabis consumers exclaiming, “I’ve got that gas.”

The Deadhead OG genetics can lead to those that are not daily consumers experiencing couchlock. This strain is perfect for those looking just to relax while it sports a pine taste with a hint of earth.

Pure Kush is an Indica that will knock you out so be warned. This is extremely skunky with a good flavor and is considered a top-strength medical strain. For those suffering from insomnia, Pure Kush could be the answer to your nocturnal problems.

Sour Diesel helps propel this hybrid into one that can be used daily. Otherwise, the Indica-heavy strain would be best used at night while drifting off to sleep.

Finding 303 Headband seeds is going to be a challenge in itself. Popular strains along with those exotic hybrids frequently are out of stock at large online seed banks.

The genetics of the strain make it a coveted one as a hybrid with another Sativa could result in the hardest hitting strain to date.

The fact that a grower has not tried it before doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t result in a great strain after some test grows.

303 Headband Strain Yield

The beauty of 303 Headband is that it can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Indoor grows should have filtration as 303 Headband packs a pungent odor.

303 Headband should not be a strain that you are entering the cannabis growing community with. Seasoned professionals can handle growing this strain and it packs a huge punch in terms of effects.

Headband is traditionally known for popcorn buds with many versions of 303 Headband being the same. The goal should be to grow dense buds and use advanced growing techniques where necessary.

The yield depends on whether the 303 Headband is being grown indoors or outdoors. Yields outdoors might be lower due to weather conditions not being optimum for growing this strain.

The strain should be grown outdoors during a temperate fall with temperatures up to 80 degrees. If you are looking for a massive harvest, 303 Headband is not your strain as it usually yields a small to moderate amount.

303 Headband Strain Flowering Time

The flowering time for 303 Headband is between 8 and 9 weeks. Harvest time around fall is perfect as lower temperatures can impact flowering in this strain negatively.

If you are looking for a bud that looks like it is covered in resin, this is for you. The bright greens in combination with orange hairs truly make this strain very attractive to cannabis enthusiasts.

303 Headband Strain THC Percentage

303 Headband differs immensely in THC percentage with it hovering between 20 and 30%. Advanced growers can increased THC percentages as this is not the easiest of strains to grow. With the nickname of Homewrecker, this strain is never going to be one to use to introduce someone to cannabis.

The strain has been said to stimulate the appetite as well as help manage pain. While this is an Indica-heavy strain, it is used by cannabis consumers daily that have a high tolerance. Enough consumption of 303 Headband will leave you sleepy or ready to binge your favorite Netflix series.

Flavor and Aroma

The aroma and flavor profile are quite soothing in 303 Headband with great terpene notes. The smooth smoke from this strain is immense especially when a single hit truly packs a punch. The lemons and diesel come out in this strain due to the Headband/Sour Diesel linage.

Finding cannabis that you truly enjoy will take a trial and error phase. Being able to understand that you like Sour Diesel hybrids can make your next trip to the dispensary much less overwhelming.

The strength of this strain makes it incredible for medical use. The Sour Diesel lineage can allow for a person to battle their pain while going on with their day as usual.

Medical Conditions This Marijuana Strain Can Help

For those wondering about the medical properties of 303 Headband, conditions like those listed below can be treated.

  • Pain
  • Migraines
  • Stimulation of Appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

The strength of this strain makes it great for medical usage even though the CBD levels are not incredibly high.

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Final Words on 303 Headband Weed Strain

303 Headband is sure to increase in popularity due to its superior genetics. Professional and seasoned growers can have a great time growing this strain with controlled climate conditions.

The yield is not going to be the largest but what you do harvest will be incredibly potent.

Growing cannabis is truly an art that can be learned through repetition and professional instruction.

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