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While the presence of cookie in the name almost always means that GSC is involved somehow, Sugar Cookie is in a class of its own with more unique genetics.

Let’s see what this delicious strain can offer for recreational and medicinal users!

Sugar Cookie Strain Genetics

Is Sugar Cookies strain an indica or sativa?

Sugar Cookie is an evenly balanced hybrid marijuana strain that sometimes leans a bit more towards indica through various phenotypes. While the original breeder is unknown, somebody out there deserves the credit for bringing Sugar Cookie to the limelight.

It’s a 3-way cross between Crystal Gayle, Blue Hawaiian, and Sensi Star.

Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle is a rare indica-dominant hybrid pot strain that is derived from Northern Lights #1. While that is just a small amount of what constitutes the makeup of Crystal Gayle, it’s so rare that no other genetic information on this strain is available.

It features notes of citrus, diesel, and earthy pine and has a creeping high that will send you into a relaxing trance with its glittering trichome-rich buds.

Blue Hawaiian

This beautiful bud strain features lime green and orange buds covered in orange and red hairs that dance among the sparkling trichomes. It is the result of crossing Blueberry strain and a Hawaiian sativa landrace strain. Its fruity and smooth essence delivers a balanced experience.

Those seeking more ganja with the Blue Hawaiian influence can check out Sapphire Star, which is a child strain that offers blue-tinted buds and an energizing high perfect for social outings.

Sensi Star

Sensi Star strain offers classic indica-based effects of relaxation. Sedation is easily the outcome when overconsuming Sensi Star, as it regularly tests up to 20% THC. The dark green and purple buds are perfect for treating insomnia.

Sensi Star has spawned more than just Sugar Cookie. It is also a parent to Death Star and Rockstar. Both of these child strains offer similar relaxing effects but vary widely in their essences. Check out both if you love what Sensi Star has to offer!

Availability Of Sugar Cookie Genetics

Sugar Cookie is available as feminized seeds through online seed banks. Be careful who you choose to purchase from, however. There are breeding groups out there, like Oregon Green Seed, who have crossed GSC with other strains and labeled it as Sugar Cookie.

If you want to grow the strain discussed in this Sugar Cookie strain review, ensure that the genetics include the three parent strains discussed previously.

Derivative Strains

Sugar Cookie has yet to reach the point of creating notable child-strains using its genetics. However, since seeds are available, there are sure to be breeding groups working up concoctions using this tasty and potent strain soon!

Sugar Cookie Strain Yield

The availability of growing information has been limited as of the time of writing, due to the limited data from the original breeder.

What began as a clone-only strain has now entered the realm of being available as feminized seeds from Amsterdam Seed Company, allowing more growers to cultivate this strain that can flourish indoors and outdoors.

Indoor yields average around 1.2-1.6 ounces per square foot of plant while outdoor harvests can reach up to 1 lb from each plant.

Flowering Time

The optimal flowering period for Sugar Cookie is between 55-65 days. This timeframe should allow for mature terpene development and the preferred ratio of milky-white and amber trichomes that steer the direction of the high experienced from the eventually cured bud.

The neon green nugs are dense and packed with fiery orange hairs. The trichomes offer great coverage and look chunky.

Sugar Cookie Strain THC Percentage

Sugar Cookie isn’t as innocent as the name may suggest. 20-26% THC is the average range when testing Sugar Cookie ganja. This potent weed strain is best served in the evening as a few hits can easily send you to bed for the night.

The beginning of the experience offers a euphoric boost in mental energy, serving as a great pick-me-up from a long day’s work.

However, there is no sense of physical energy boost or motivation to move after smoking Sugar Cookie. Instead, the relaxing high builds and builds towards more sedation until you have happily fallen asleep for the night.

Flavor & Aroma

The aroma of the bud is reminiscent of sweet tropical fruit. As you burn the buds, notes of buttery and sweet vanilla are released. The fruity profile doesn’t reach your tastebuds. Instead, the flavor is rich with notes of sweet buttery vanilla and coffee, alluding to its namesake.

Terpene Profile

Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene dominate the unique terpene profile of Sugar Cookie.

Caryophyllene is a potent antagonist to inflammation in the body and serves up a spicy essence. Strains rich in this terpene include Purple Punch and Original Glue.

Limonene brings a lot to combat mental stressors, including chronic stress and anxiety. It delivers and sometimes sweet, sometimes tart fruity/citrus essence when present. Strawnana and WiFi OG are rich in this terpene.

Humulene is rarely the dominant terpene, but when present, it provides anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s common in Gelato and Sherbert weed strains.

If you like what Sugar Cookie has to offer strains like Zookies, Double Diesel, and Peanut Butter Breath offer similar terpene profiles and effects.

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Medical Conditions This Pot Strain Can Help

Use Sugar Cookie as a medicinal aid when treating the following conditions:

  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Eye Pressure
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

Final Words On The Sugar Cookie Weed Strain

Sometimes strains are named after a sweet dessert and unsuspecting beginners assume they aren’t as potent as other strains with more ominous names (Trainwreck, Gorilla Glue, etc).

But, don’t be food by Sugar Cookie’s sweet name. It’s a hard-hitting weed strain that will please even the highest THC tolerances with the right batch.

If you want to grow this strain yourself, you can purchase seeds through online seed banks. Make sure to check out our course on growing medical marijuana to maximize your yields and potency!

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