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Wedding Crasher strain delivers an incredible high. You will want to get up and do something after smoking this delicious yet potent strain. 

Wedding Crasher Strain Genetics

Is Wedding Crasher strain an Indica or Sativa?

Wedding Crasher is a sativa hybrid of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. The strain is perfect for social situations and will give you the energy you need. The high lasts quite a long time so this strain is seen as a great investment for a group of friends. 

Wedding Cake strain is extremely potent with a maximum of 27 percent THC. The flavor is of berries and other fruit. You might have a bit of trouble focusing and could be sedated if you overconsume with this strain.

Purple Punch is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has up to 20 percent THC. You are going to be completely relaxed after toking on this strain. The sweet flavor of berries and grape will be predominant in Purple Punch. 

Wedding Crasher Weed Strain Yield

Wedding Crashers is not going to have the largest yield. Outdoors you might see up to 300 grams per plant. Indoors you should expect less at around 180 to 220 grams per plant. 

Figuring out your process for growing is very important. This can include your growing setup along with things like soil mixtures for each phase of growing. Grow diaries can help you stay organized which is very important when you grow amazing weed. 

Wedding Crasher Pot Strain Flowering Time

The flowering phase of Wedding Crasher lasts anywhere from 9 to 11 weeks. The nugs are long with orange hairs and purple hues. The covering of trichomes has an amber tint. 

Selecting a strain to grow outdoors is going to be very important as most variables cannot be changed in this environment. Indoor growers can manipulate temperature and other factors that can impact a crop.

Do not think you can overcome certain factors outdoors when a strain is extremely difficult to grow under certain conditions. 

THC Content Of Wedding Crashers Marijuana 

The potency of Wedding Crasher has a range of 17 to 22 percent THC. The strain isn’t the best fit for new smokers as it could be too potent. Aim for a strain that has around 10 percent if you don’t have the experience to be confident smoking extremely potent strains. 

Flavor And Aroma Of The Wedding Crasher Strain 

cannabis bud with white trichomes macro, Wedding Crashers weed strain

The flavor of Wedding Crasher is of diesel and fruit. The aroma is of diesel and earth. The terpenes in this strain are Carene, Caryophyllene, and Phellandrene. 

Carene is very powerful and can even help improve memory. The terpene will also relax you to the point of being a great reliever for those that suffer from insomnia. Blue Dream and Clementine are two potent strains that contain this terpene. 

Caryophyllene is one of the best terpenes for relieving pain and inflammation. The terp is known for a flavor of black pepper. Ice Cream Cake and White Runtz are flavorful strains that contain Caryophyllene. 

Phellandrene is so appealing to smokers due to the flavors of wood, citrus, and mint. The terpene has been used to calm upset stomachs. Strains with this terpene include Jack Herer and Garlic Cookies

Price Of Wedding Crasher Weed

The price of all strains is going to be different depending on the cultivation company that grew the weed. Certain companies like Jungle Boys are known for quality products at affordable prices. For 1/8th of an ounce you can expect to pay $37 to $43. The full ounce is going to cost around $280 which is quite affordable. 

Weed prices fluctuate wildly by state due to tax rates being different. Cities might also impose additional taxes on marijuana which drives up the price even further. The high prices keep the black market healthy even in states with legal recreational marijuana. 

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Final Words On The Wedding Crasher Marijuana Strain 

Wedding Crasher is a strain that you definitely have to try if you love classic Sativa effects. Growing the strain might be a bit of a disappointment due to the small yield. This can be a strain that can help you be more productive or can even act as a social lubricant. 

Strains named after movies are pretty common like that of Pennywise. What is a strain named after a movie that you truly enjoyed? 

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