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How to Grow Enormous Marijuana Plants. Field of cannabis plants.
How to Grow Enormous Cannabis Plants

When you are growing cannabis plants, one of the most essential things to think about is how you choose the marijuana strain. If you don't do this, then some of your strains will remain small and not get as big. For instance, your auto-flowering plants are going to be a little smaller. Indica strains will do the same as well, even though, they may come out bushier and talker than the auto-flowering plants would. These only go as far as 1.5m high. If they do grow past the 1.5m high, you can expect that they will consistently get much bushier. To grow taller cannabis plants, it is best to start out with your sativa strain or a sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

The Normal State

Normally, indica strains grow bushy and shorter. These strains originate from the mountainous areas of Afghanistan and India, Pakistan. Sativa, on the other hand, grow graceful and tall. You can expect to see sativas reach more than 2.5 m high and in addition, they grow many different branches. Therefore, you could easily have a huge tree once they mature.

Growing the Plant

It is not easy to grow enormous cannabis plants because of all the space that is needed. Therefore, indoor marijuana growers have to minimize the plant's size so that the plants can become enormous. You have some marijuana growers that use grow tents and grow a single large plant while evenly distributing branches using nets, hooks and canes. For the outdoor marijuana grower, it is possible to grow enormous cannabis plants without these extra tools.

The Outdoors

When you grow cannabis plants outdoors, it is far less possible for the space to be restricted. With most of the marijuana strains grown, all you need to do is to plant seed in the soil and allow it to do what it does best and that is grow giant cannabis plants. You don't even have to do anything else as long as you planted strains with the appropriate genetics and as long as you used fertile and well-watered soil.

The Versatility

The marijuana plant is versatile. If you don't have sufficient time, you could flower the plant while it is small. In doing so, you will lessen the harvest time. However, you will never end up with large cannabis plants. If you wanted enormous plants, you would have to allow the plant sufficient time to fully develop. .


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The Indoors

There are some indoor marijuana growers that apply the ‘veg system' to their plants. This could take up to a month to be done before you switch the plants into flower. If have introduced the SOG or Sea of Green method, then the ‘veg' period could be as little as a week or two. What does this mean? It means that if you want to get a good harvest, the time period would be moderately short. And so, this would be the preferred technique to use.

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The Veggie Stage

There is another reason why you should give your enormous cannabis plants a much longer ‘veg' growing period. It has to do with the number of marijuana plants you are able to grow without the risk of a run-in with the law and the penalties associated with that. Plant count is sometimes very restricted in certain areas. So, you have to know the law in the area where you live. However, if you want to work around the legal restrictions, you should maintain your plants in the vegetative state for a longer period and that's how they will grow bigger. You can keep the plants in ‘veg' state for a longer period indoors than you can outdoors. The outdoors has seasonal limitations and variations. If you keep the plants over six weeks, you will have some enormous cannabis plants. However, you have to make sure they get the right pruning. Learn more about growing cannabis plants by visiting the Cannabis Training University today!

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