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How to get a faster marijuana harvest.

How To Get A Faster Cannabis Harvest

Do you want to experience better results with your cannabis harvest? There are several steps to take if you want a faster yield. No matter where you are growing your cannabis, there are some times that you might need to get to the flowering period much earlier. We have compiled a few tips to aid you.

Cannabis growers should be placed into two main categories. The first category is the grower who thinks that the grow process should be slower and more contemplative. They will spend time in their cannabis garden basking in the sight of tall, green branches. They don't mind calmly waiting to see the plants slowly get to the cannabis harvest stage. Another category is the grower that does not have time to wait, but wants to get a faster cannabis harvest and a healthier one. Most of these cannabis growers will do what it takes to speed up the process and you can too and so let's take a look at what the growers in category 2 does to make it possible.

Selecting the Right Strain

One of the things you need to do to get a faster cannabis harvest is to select the ideal cannabis strain that is conducive to a speedier process of growth. If you did not already know, there are some strains that take longer than others to mature and begin flowering. Contrary, there are some strains that are specifically bred to kick-start the growing process. In other words, there biological make-up is for that specific purpose.

The Two Growth Phases

There are two phases that cannabis plants go through; one is the vegetative phase and the other is the flowering phase. During the vegetative phase, the leaves of the cannabis plant develop. During the flowering phase, the plants begin to produce their cannabis buds. There is a possibility that you can use specific methods to accelerate the vegetative phase. On the other hand, the flower phase can only be accelerated, if you have the right cannabis strain. So, bear in mind that this is important to get a faster cannabis harvest.

Indica and Sativa Strains

Let's talk about indica strain and then we will look at the sativa strain. Indica strains tend to be faster to reach the cannabis harvest phase. In fact, there are some varieties of indica strains that only take nine weeks to get to the flowering phase. In comparison to the sativa strain, indica plants tend to be bushier and much smaller. That could be the reason why they reach the cannabis harvest phase much faster. Most sativa strains are able to reach huge heights, if grown outdoors. For that reason, you may have to wait up to fourth months to see your cannabis harvest.

Autoflowering Strains

The fastest option for your cannabis harvest is using autoflowering strains. When you use these strains, the crop is easier to manage. Why? Well, the autoflowering strains have special genetics that cater to faster growth. Therefore, they can flower without having to change light cycle, which is a specific change that is necessary for other cannabis plants. So you can actually prepare your garden and leave it for harvest within two months. The cannabis harvest for autoflowering strains is faster, but be aware that the plants will be smaller in size and the yield won't be large.

The Lighting

To get a faster cannabis harvest, lighting is so essential. When your plants receive more light, they create more energy for a faster growth process. There are some growers that give their cannabis plants a whole day of light while some give 12 to 18 hours at a time. If you really want to speed up the process, use 24 hours of light.

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Final Thoughts

When you grow your cannabis plants indoors, it gives you more control over the operation and so you can administer the right lighting schedule, ventilation and temperature. Create a good nutrient schedule as well and with all of these things, you will get a faster cannabis harvest.

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