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“How Do I Cut My Plants When Ready To Harvest?”

There are a few different ways on how to harvest marijuana plants. No way is any more correct than the other.

It is very common for the buds that received the most direct light to ripen before other buds that did not. We recommend cutting the top “colas” first and leaving the lower leaves for an extra week or two. Or if you want, just cut the entire plant off above the root ball all at once. Use a sharp pair of pruners to make your cuts.

When making cuts, we recommend placing the cuttings in a plastic container. It makes it easy to move them to an area where you can access them.

It is good to harvest marijuana in the early morning if you can. We find that if we harvest at this time, the cannabis turns out more flavorful and pungent. This is due to the terpenes level being highest at the end of the dark period. If the grow lamps turn on in the room, it’s fine to turn them off completely and work by the normal lighting in the room.

Leave some branches around the stalks you cut so they can be used to hang from.

How to Harvest Marijuana – Manicuring The Buds

We recommend removing the larger leaves from the buds prior to hanging them to dry. Leaves can be plucked off with your hands and with a pair of pruners.


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If you have a large commercial garden, tabletop trimmers often come in handy. They take some of the manual labor out of the process.

If using one of them, please be careful and wear gloves and safety glasses. Sometimes people accidentally cut off a piece of their finger with these machines. They do however provide a quick trim job without damaging the nice colas.

The leaves that are removed during harvest do contain small amounts of THC. Some people like to dry them out and use them for extractions with substances like butane or CO2. If you notice mold on any of the buds while you are trimming them, be sure to cut the mold out as well as an area around them.

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Trim off any leaves, stems, fan leaves, and other things that are not buds. Try to shape the buds in a nice form, nice and neat. If you plan on selling the buds, this manicuring process should be a top priority. Use a lot of light when manicuring so you have a clear shot of each move you make. There are many methods and different opinions about how to harvest marijuana.

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