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marijuana plant with blue background, memory loss strain

Memory Loss Strain

Memory Loss strain is an epic strain with far reaching therapeutic effects, if you can only get past the “alarming” name. This strain is the epitome of sativa-ness with full-blown cerebral effects that may impact one’s member.

Cannabis and memory is a hot button issue. There is significant controversy about how cannabis affects memory and whether this effect is permanently deleterious. Thankfully, this is addressed in a previous 2018 article that you can access through this link.

Memory Loss is a sativa leaning cannabis strain with an interesting bubblegum flavor that contrasts the skunk-like notes from the strain. This strain is a cross between Amnesia Haze and Face-off OG both of which have some interesting characteristics.

Amnesia Haze is known to do a number on one’s memory, it is no surprise that it is “gives birth” to Memory Loss. The strong cerebral punch seizes the higher faculties and may wipe out short term memory for a while. This is one trait that is passed onto Memory Loss.

Face off OG, an interesting name to begin with, causes a dizzying sense of euphoria. With that background you should get a picture of the ruthless strain that Memory Loss is. On the flip side, these same ruthless characteristics will come in handy when you need to knock-off severe pain, poor appetite, and insomnia.

Archive Seeds are to credit for coming up with this popular strain.

Memory Loss Strain Appearance

Memory Loss takes a slight detour from sativa when it comes to the physical appearance. While typical sativas are wispy and light, Memory loss marijuana strain has medium to large buds that cling together in indica-like fashion. The flowers take a conical shape with tapered ends.

The dominant color is mossy green with orange pistils to break the monotony of the green. Some phenotypes will have purple streaks; this mostly occurs when optimal conditions allow for the expression of anthocyanin.

Anthocyanin is a cannabis flavonoid that produces purple hues when the cannabis plant is exposed to cold temperatures during the vegetative stage of growth. Finally, a white sheen of trichomes coat the buds. This sheen is sticky to the touch.

Memory Loss Strain Aroma

Memory Loss has a mix of fragrances like its parents. It is easy to detect a strong bubblegum scent on the first exhale. A skunk-like herbal aroma is also noticeable. If you are keen enough you will pick out some peppery aromas from this strain. Given this eclectic mix, you are likely to “feel” this cannabis strain on every part of your palate.

Additionally, you will enjoy numerous benefits from the mix of terpenes that are responsible for the different aromas present in this strain.

If you are wondering whether this weed strain fits the bill, here is what to expect once you consume this strain.

Memory Loss Strain Effects

Memory Loss is described as a fast-finishing sativa strain, this means that the effects clear from the body quite fast. If you are looking for a strain that will knock you off temporarily this is a strain to consider. It works well when you need a quick solution to pain or fatigue but need to resume normal activities after a while.

This is how it all starts.

After taking the first puff (it could also be a gummy or capsule) you will start feeling some kind of cerebral pressure piling in your head. Most users like how the pressure builds up gradually against the temples and envelops the mind. This comes with a sense of elation and a happy feeling.

This later transforms to extreme excitement and ultimately euphoria which takes users to cloud nine sets in. Being a sativa most of the effects will start and end in the higher centres. However, users will also get to benefit from the 30% indica of this strain.

The kind of body stone produced by this strain is gentle and will not cause total paralysis. Instead it cause a deep sense of relaxation that eases away fatigue and pressure that may have built up in the muscles.

Benefits of Memory Loss

Memory Loss marijuana strain has high levels of the psychoactive compound in cannabis THC. This may vary from 18% to 28% depending on the phenotype. The CBD amount rarely gets past 1%. However, this is sufficient enough to counter some of the negative effects of THC.

Memory Loss strain causes a sustained focus that has helped patients suffering from attention deficit disorders. This same effect has helped patients with hyperactivity syndromes to catch a break from racing thoughts.

However, not much can be accomplished in this state due to the overwhelming sense of euphoria, especially after high amounts of this strain are consumed. As usual, moderation is recommended.

In social settings, Memory Loss cannabis strain helps to set a relaxed atmosphere and induce laughter. Most users have reported giggles and uncontrollable laughter as a side effect of this strain.

It is not unusual for people to start rolling on the floor in laughter after consuming Memory Loss. And in the same vein it is not usual for them to have lost recollection of everything that happened the next morning.

Speaking of which, people suffering from PTSD have used this strain to erase triggers for traumatic war events. After taking this strain war veterans have been able to get past days that would have otherwise been shaky.

Because of the uplifting effects produced by this strain, users have turned to it when they need to deal with symptoms of depression.

Pain is another symptom that has been addressed using this strain. Cannabinoids found in this strain work in different ways to produce pain relieving properties. Inflammation is one pathway that is targeted by both THC and CBD. Patients with pain related to inflammation such as arthritis can benefit greatly from using this strain.

Lastly, this pot strain is known to induce the munchies. Users have reported feeling very hungry and being able to eat a lot after consuming Memory Loss. Patients receiving chemotherapy can use this strain to relieve nausea and vomiting.

Here are some of the medical conditions that may benefit from Memory Loss:

  • PTSD
  • ADD
  • Glaucoma
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Memory Loss Terpenes

The aroma in this strain suggests that myrcene, linalool, and caryophyllene are present in this strain.

  • Myrcene produces the skunk-like aroma in this strain and it offers sedative benefits.
  • Linalool gives this strain the bubblegum flavor. It is a muscle relaxant as well as an antidepressant.
  • Caryophyllene gives peppery notes. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

When you consume a full-spectrum compound, you will be consuming different bioactive compounds in weed at the same time. This includes the terpenes that are present.

As much as terpenes may offer significant therapeutic benefits on their own, consuming a full-spectrum extract provides the benefits of cannabis synergy. The healing effects will be stronger and more prolonged.

Does Memory Loss Cause Adverse Effects?

Memory Loss is a high THC cannabis strain. Such strain will cause some level of dehydration which presents as cottonmouth (dry mouth) and dry eyes. Beyond this effect users are able to tolerate this strain without any major event, unless they overdo it.

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Users who consume too much of this strain are likely to experience greening out. This is characterized by high levels of anxiety and paranoia. Some users may also experience headaches and dizziness. To avoid this, stick to amounts that you can tolerate.

How to grow Memory Loss

You can easily access seeds of Memory Loss from the Archives Seed Bank or online retailers. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, it requires a semi-humid environment where temperatures average 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit.

The cannabis plants tend to grow tall, they will require aggressive pruning when grown indoors. Cold temperatures at night during the vegetative stage will help to bring out the purple anthocyanin hues.

In an indoor environment this strain yields 12 to 16 ounces of bud per square meter. Outdoors expect a yield of 16 ounces or more per plant.

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