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Purple Urkle Genetics and Origins

Since the 1980s, cannabis fans have been captivated by the mysterious Purple Urkle. Though its exact origins are still unknown, it is thought to have originated in northern California's Emerald Triangle—more especially, Humboldt County. 

Although experienced cannabis growers in this area remain quiet about their strain hybrids, most conjecture that Purple Urkle is either a Granddaddy Purple or Mendocino Purps phenotype.

Indica Dominant

With roughly 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics, Purple Urkle is an indica-dominant hybrid. Its overall profile and characteristic impacts are influenced by its genetic makeup.

Flowering Time

The secret to growing Purple Urkle is patience. It takes a leisurely five months to flower outside, but it can flower in as little as eight weeks indoors. The strain continues to be somewhat short and stocky, producing somewhat less than normal yields.

Effects and Use

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Purple Urkle elevates mood and encourages relaxation by inducing euphoria.

It is a great option for relieving insomnia because of its strong indica characteristics.

Purple Urkle is frequently used by consumers to relieve pain. It has the ability to stimulate hunger.

Because of its sedative properties, it is most effective when taken in the late evening or right before bed.

Taste, Aroma, and Look

The aroma of Purple Urkle strain is sweet and skunky, with notes of tropical fruit, grapes, fruity pebbles, and skunk.

The flavor profile should be both sweet and spicy.

The visually arresting purple hues of its dense, frosty trichome-covered blooms are quite remarkable.

THC Level

The highest test for THC content for Purple Urkle weed up to 26%! It is a potent strain!
On average, 21% THC.

Purple Urkle strain is a well-liked strain recognized for its calming qualities, ability to relieve pain, and eye-catching purple colors. Don't miss the chance to enjoy this enigmatic indica's special features if you come across it!

Purple Urkle Strain FAQ's

Is Purple Urkle strain indica or sativa?

Eighty percent indica and twenty percent sativa make up the Purple Urkle marijuana strain. An indica-dominant strain is one in which the genotype is predominately indica.

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How potent is Purple Urkle strain?

The maximum THC content test result for Purple Urkle strain was 26%. That makes Purple Urkle one of the more potent strains.

What are the Purple Urkle effects?

An indica-dominant full-body high that calms your entire body is produced by purple urkle. This relaxing mixture can be used to ease pains and aches, help you go asleep, calm your thoughts, or just kick back and unwind whenever you choose. It's best used at night.

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