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cannabis buds and wax, wax thc percentage guide


Experienced smokers still remember that first dab that had them coughing which is why this wax THC percentage guide had to be created. Even those that have smoked daily for years had trouble transitioning from traditional flower to cannabis concentrates.

THC wax can also be called dabs, oil, and several other nicknames. The concentrate nickname usually relates to how it was derived or what it looks like as a final product.

The THC content of some of these concentrates can be immense when compared to that of flower. The ability to intake as much THC as a few grams of flower would have at once can lead to an uncomfortable experience.

Less is usually better when you are trying wax THC for the first time. You do not want to end up as a meme due to a bad reaction from getting far too high.

You will taste flavors that you have never before when smoking flower. Concentrates truly are a great way to consume cannabis due to the purity gained through the extraction process.

Lets get started with the wax THC percentage guide to help give you insight on your THC amounts.

How Wax Is Made

Cannabis concentrates are usually called dabs if they are in any form besides that of hash. Hash is recognized as its own entity and is usually pressed with kief. Other concentrates are usually just lumped together as dabs due to the similar smoking process.

Trim and nug runs utilize different parts of the plant resulting in nug runs creating a better quality concentrate. 

Shatter is one of the most recognizable forms of cannabis concentrate. Usage of this can be difficult as it literally can shatter and drop on the floor. Usually, the more clear of color of the shatter, the better it was extracted.

Budder legitimately looks like cookie dough and can be far easier to put on a dabber before smoking. This is just another concentrate that is named after the way that it looks.

BHO or butane hash oil is extracted using a process that involves butane while propane hash oil also exists. BHO tends to be more popular and more widely available.

CO2 extraction is likely going to be the most expensive but yields some of the highest quality concentrates.

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO is used mainly for its medicinal benefits. A recreational user could enjoy this as well as RSO usually contains high levels of THC. RSO is consumed orally or applied topically as it would not be enjoyable to smoke.

How Much THC Can You Expect?

There is no one answer to THC levels in THC wax as they vary drastically. Lower quality wax might come in at 50 percent THC while top-shelf wax could have levels in the 90s.

Taking a look at the product that you buy can allow you to see THC levels and whether you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Purity Extracts came out with a Gorilla Glue concentrate that tested at 96% THC. Even some of the world’s most dedicated cannabis enthusiasts might think this is too much.

Dabs or THC wax strength can be too much for an amateur so you should have a trusted friend lead you through your first dab journey. As a sidenote, trusted friends are not those that will video you if you are uncomfortably high.

Take a look at the variety of THC percentages on cannabis concentrates to find that sweet spot. You might find that dabs with 80 percent THC might be too strong while 60 percent allows you to enjoy a comfortable experience.

Consumption Methods

THC wax can be consumed in a variety of ways as everyone has hit a dab pen that smokes cannabis regularly. Vaping has become a very popular method of consumption as it helps minimize the smell. Vapes are frequently used in public, the office, and anywhere in-between.

Dabbing out of a rig will require an electronic nail or some kind of torch. Dabbing out of a rig is the easiest way to overconsume as there could be a leftover dab from someone that smoked earlier. Do not try to pull out the nail like many other bong smokers have done during their first dab session.

What You Should Know Before Dabbing:

  • Being comfortable with a blow torch can take time. Being high and lighting up a torch is not at the top of the list for a number of people.
  • Taking too hot of a dab can ruin the flavor of the wax and leave a burn on your banger.
  • Some THC wax can be almost completely pure so be careful. Slab wax is going to be very different from live resin or THC crystal.
  • A carb cap is going to make a huge difference in the amount of smoke you inhale so invest in one.
  • Dab rigs don’t have to be huge to deliver a huge hit like a bong. Electric rigs like that of the Puffco Peak Pro or Focus V Carta. Keeping all rigs clean is essential when it comes to getting the cleanest-tasting hit possible.
  • Put a little CBD concentrate on your first dab as this can help relieve anxiety. CBD combined with THC has help potentiate the medicinal values of both components of cannabis.
  • Smoking wax can be done via a bowl if you put the concentrate on top of flower. Wax does burn longer than flower so a small amount will be enough.
  • A friend with experience should be there to help you through the process.

Wax THC Percentage Guide Overview

Wax can be cooked into strong edibles which is an option. To get the most out of the wax, it is probably better to use it in other ways. Wax does have a clean taste though so you might get a nice bite of terpene flavor.

A strong terpene profile can help butane wax dabs have more of a medicinal impact than dabs without.

The most important thing to remember about THC wax concentrates is moderation. The high is going to be more intense per hit than if you were smoking a joint with just flower in it.

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Learning the differences in the extraction processes can allow you to call a particular THC butane wax by its appropriate name. Impress friends when you know the difference between how shatter and live resin is extracted. 

With the THC levels varying so wildly, it is better to test out a product before taking a large dab. While some enjoy coughing so hard they start crying, most smokers would like to avoid this occurrence.

Testing out cannabis concentrates can take you to new levels as concentrates are as potent of products as there are available

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