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Want to reap the benefits of cannabis as quickly as possible? While baking things like cannabis brownies can be time-consuming, dropping cannabis tincture in a glass of water or sublingual under the tongue tends to be easier to prepare and effective. Cannabis tinctures act fast, giving the cannabis user the effect needed. Now let’s take a look at the steps to making cannabis tincture the easy way.


To start the process, you will need certain kitchen tools:

  • Coffee Grinder or Blender
  • Mesh Strainer
  • Bowl or Measuring Cup
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Marijuana Scale
  • Canning Jar (make sure it has a lid)
  • Small Funnel
  • Tincture Bottles (use the ones that have droppers for easy application.

Dose and Potency

All you need to get an effect from cannabis tincture is to apply up to ten drops. However, it is still important to check the dosage by testing each batch made. The user will put a few drops in a glass of water or under the tongue from each batch until becoming familiar with the actual potency. Be aware that any type of substance that goes to the bloodstream by way of the mucous membranes will do so slower than the ones that enter through the user’s lungs to the bloodstream. Cannabis tincture enters the bloodstream through the mucous membranes.

The potency of the dosage will usually depend on the marijuana’s cannabinoid density used. Medical cannabis tincture can be created from trichome trimmings, kief, buds, hash, marijuana leaf or manicure. You may want to check the cannabinoid level each time you make your tincture, especially if you want to maintain consistency in the strength. Let’s take a look at cannabis estimates you need for each 500 ml or pint of distilled spirit.

  • Trimmings – two ounces
  • Leaf – up to four ounces
  • Hash and Kief – up to eight grfams
  • Marijuana buds – up to a ounce and a half

Steps to Making Cannabis Tincture

First, you should measure the amount of marijuana that you want to use. Use the coffee grinder or blender to grind it. The cannabis has to be decarboxylated and then added to the canning jar. The next step is to pour the pint of alcohol over it. The lid should be tightly sealed. Shake the canning jar several times before placing it in the freezer. Approximately once or twice each day, take the jar out of the freezer and vigorously shake it, placing it back in the freezer afterwards. Let it sit in the freezer for about five days to allow the cannabinoids to liquefy into the alcohol. Bear in mind, the higher the alcohol content (80 proof), the faster the cannabinoids can be extracted.


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Straining Process

Put the cheese cloth over the mesh strainer and the mesh strainer over the measuring cup. Get the jar in the freezer now and poor its contents carefully over the cheese cloth in order to strain the plant matter. As soon as the alcohol passes through the cheese cloth and end up in the measuring cup, it is time to wring out the cheese cloth to remove any excess alcohol. With the small funnel, you will fill the dropper bottles with the medical cannabis tincture. If you need to conduct additional filtration, follow the same steps again. Once filled, the dropper bottles must be stored in a dark cool place.

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