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How to Use Automation In Your Marijuana Grow Operation. Marijuana plants.

How to Use Automation In Your Cannabis Grow Operation

If you are operating a cannabis grow facility or you are just growing cannabis from home, you should be aware that you can apply automation techniques. There are several factors that are essential to healthy cannabis plants and a good harvest. These include humidity, water, lighting, temperature and nutrients. These factors have to be controlled and so automation would be the kind of technology to use.

When you automate your cannabis grow operation, it reduces or even eliminates the demand to be hands-on. Most cannabis cultivators have to continuously monitor and adjust various factors of the grow cycle in order to make sure that the yield was of the highest possible quality and quantity. This means you have to be able to control nutrient cycles, lighting, watering schedules, exchange of fresh air and temperature.

The Factors

If you have to control these factors without automation and do so every day, it can be labor intensive and time consuming. Even when you have your small cannabis grow operation at home such as in a closet or bedroom, you still have to be meticulous and caring to your plants. You might not have as much manual interaction with your plant as the large cannabis grow operation does, but it is still time-consuming in its own realm. So, in other words, size of your cannabis grow operation does not matter. Any one of these will do better with automation technology.

Apply Automation

If you are running your cannabis grow operation in a small space, you would only apply the automation technique in a small aspect such as being able to control the lighting and the temperature. If you are running your large scale facility, you might benefit more from automation so you can free up the effort, time and energy you spend on it every day. When you fully automate your cannabis grow operation, you can go ahead and step away for longer periods of time. Applying automation technology could replace many aspects of the manual work. If you are new at growing cannabis, then it is better to start the automation process one at a time; meaning, you could control the lighting and temperature first before tackling the automation of nutrients, humidity and water schedules. Give it a few weeks to see how everything works for you.

The Environment

Indoors and Outdoors

Demands for this automation technology will depend on the environment with which you are running your cannabis grow operation. For example, if you are growing cannabis outdoors, you won't need to apply as much automation when it comes to light since you get that from the sun and water comes from the rain. In addition, the exchange of fresh air is natural to the outdoors. However, you can automate the watering by including and irrigation system. This can aid your plants, especially if you live in a drier terrain. If you are running your cannabis grow operation inside a home or facility or greenhouse, then the environment will not be as natural as the outdoors. And so, you can rely more on automation technology. When growing cannabis indoors, it is best to pay close attention to the temperature and humidity.

Using Timers

To automate your cannabis grow operation, it is ideal to use a timer or timers. This is the easiest thing to set up because it helps control the climate of the facility and will potentially reduce repetitive tasks and labor. Use timers with the lighting because the light cycle is important in different stages of the growth process. You can use a digital timer in the lighting system to automate through different points of the grow cycle.

Using an Irrigation System

To plan watering schedules, it is best to use an automated irrigation system. This is good for your outdoor cannabis grow operation. You should pierce tiny holes into your water pipe, lining it up with the root. The water will drip slowly over individual plant zones, giving the plants consistent flow of hydration.

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Controlling the Climate

You can control the climate in the room using hygrometers, which is a device that will control the temperature and humidity throughout the whole grow cycle. The Ultrasonic mister is another device, but this one boost the room's humidity and using a dehumidifier will help to remove the air's moisture, especially when it is excessive.

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