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The legal marijuana industry is experiencing a lot of positive movement. There is a lot of enthusiasm and success among people who own cannabis businesses in the cannabis industry and those who hold cannabis jobs or want to do so in the near future. As the fastest growing job market in the nation, the cannabis industry has many job opportunities for people of all skill levels.

If you are a job applicant or looking to begin a career in the industry, you need to be aware of the average marijuana salaries. This is true, whether you are working as a bud trimmer, budtender, master grower, receptionist or marijuana dispensary manager to name a few in demand positions.

The marijuana salaries for these jobs vary, depending on several factors such as job training, experience, education, and knowledge of the cannabis industry. You will be able to use the information gathered here to see which cannabis jobs meet your salary expectation and have advancement opportunities.

Top Marijuana Salaries

Marijuana Salaries

The Budtender

To become a budtender and be considered successful in your position, it is best to get cannabis training because you have to know a lot about different marijuana products in order to explain them to customers and medical patients. Your job as a budtender is selling various marijuana strains and products and helping your customers find which one works best for their needs. Therefore, you must have good customer service experience and cash handling skills.

In most cases, this job starts at $14 per hour for entry level positions and can go up to $20 per hour plus tips if you have more experience and provide superior customer service. These are the kind of marijuana salaries to expect in the beginning, but advanced opportunities are possible if you take your job seriously, try to enhance your training and work to build the owner's success in the business.

Once you work hard and are able to obtain a leadership role, your salary could go up to almost $50K per year as an experienced budtender. In addition to these marijuana salaries, you may be able to get lots of store discounts on cannabis products as an employee. This discounts could add up to a lot of savings in the long run if you are a recreational cannabis user.

The Dispensary Manager

Of course, a manager of any marijuana dispensary earns more than an entry level budtender or bud trimmer does. The dispensary manager is the person that oversees the business and its daily operation. This person might be at the establishment for longer hours, having to be there earlier to open up and later to close the shop. Dispensary managers should have several years of retail management and supervising experience. A Bachelor’s degree in management, business administration, marketing, or a relevant field is preferred

Most managers will enjoy benefits such as vacation pay and health , dental and vision care. The manager might only have a rapport with customers when it is necessary to handle issues, unlike the budtender who deals with customers throughout the day.

Experience as a manager is important because there are a lot of responsibilities. Marijuana salaries for a dispensary manager range between $60k and $150k per year depending on experience, skills, and dispensary.

Delivery Driver

Cannabis delivery drivers can be responsible for either delivering packages between vendors or orders to customers' homes. Drivers should have a clean driving record, a valid driver's license, and a reliable form of transportation. It is their duty to provide excellent customer service and check IDs. The average salary for a delivery driver is $14 per hour, not including tips.

The Bud Trimmer

In many cases, if you do not have job training, industry knowledge or experience, an entry level bud trimmer job is available for people with minimal or no direct skills. Cannabis bud trimmers are responsible for harvesting mature cannabis plants, removing the fan leaves, and getting them ready for the drying and curing process.

If you have some experience, your pay scale could be more, as much as $15 per hour. As an entry-level bud trimmer, you might start at $10 per hour and work your way up by the volume of work you can produce each day.

Cultivation Assistant

A cultivation assistant is responsible for helping in the production and maintenance of a cannabis crop. You may be responsible for ensuring plant quality and performing several daily tasks including watering, defoliation, transplanting, pruning, and trimming.


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The average salary for assistant growers is $15 per hour. Cannabis cultivation facilities look for applicants with some experience in commercial cultivation. A degree in plant science, horticulture, or a related science degree is preferred.

Master Grower

Master growers oversee the entire cannabis production process, set up cultivation plans, troubleshoot plant issues, and supervise the cultivation facility staff. Master growers have several years of experience working with the plant, identifying issues, and producing successful yields. The average salary for a master grower is between $80K and $150K per year. A degree in botany, agriculture, or a related field is preferred.

Edibles Chef

Cannabis edibles chefs are tasked with infusing cannabis into food and drinks. Cannabis chefs can develop different products using cannabis-infused butter and oils, as well as cannabis concentrates.

Experience working in a commercial kitchen is required. Chefs must understand food safety requirements and regulations pertaining to cannabis processing facilities. The average salary for an edibles chef is between $40K and $90k per year.

Kitchen Assistant

A kitchen assistant works in a high-volume and fast-paced kitchen environment. They are responsible for getting the ingredients ready, tidying the production area, and storing the products.

Assistants may also be responsible for preparing the infused edibles. The average salary for a kitchen assistant in a cannabis commercial kitchen is $14 per hour. Prior kitchen experience is preferred and a food handler's license may be required.


Cannabis packagers work in processing facilities weighing, packaging, and labeling cannabis products. They may be responsible for packaging flower, rolling joints, and safely operating the equipment and machinery. They may be in charge of maintaining a daily production log.

Cannabis packagers must be detail-oriented and perform work in a fast and effective manner. Packager salaries can range between $13 an hour to $18 an hour depending on experience. A high school diploma is preferred. Warehouse, assembly line, or food manufacturing experience is preferred.

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Extraction Technician

A cannabis extraction technician is responsible for operating equipment used to extract cannabis resin from the plant material. Extraction technicians may use solventless methods such as dry sifting, rosin pressing, or ice water extraction. They may also use solvent-based methods using closed-loop extraction systems and chemical solvents.

Extraction technicians must wear the appropriate safety apparel and be aware of all safety precautions when working with dangerous chemicals. The average salary for an extraction technician is $17 per hour. Lab experience as well as a bachelor's degree in biochemistry, chemistry, or a related science field is preferred.

Sales Representative

Cannabis sales representatives look for new clients for cannabis companies across the country through cold-calling or in-person meetings. In order to be a successful sales representative, you must be upbeat, friendly, and able to develop a rapport with potential and current buyers. Cannabis sales representatives' salaries range from $70K to $100K per year. Previous experience with sales and the cannabis industry is highly preferred.

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